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Divers errors glaring

Defects myriad staring

To natural wanting

Not render consent

Forsake the corporal

Boggling, lament gutless, end

From crass ignorance dissent


May Love be the blinder

Annihilating foul vanity

Torturing the earthborn

Flawed, blemished humanity

And, inward Fire consume

All allure to muck of earth

Sensual brass-necked robbery,

Measuring swords for new birth

Be driving force rich in gallantry,

Relishing theocentric Feast

Willing death than misdeed

Fending off oppressive beast


Billows of unteachable corpses

Intoxicated with poisonous weeds

Refusing to - sober Truth - commit

Fruitful of vice, fruitless trees,

Unworthy of breast-beating

On devious, tortuous, roundabout sprees

Cut down, thrown into devouring fire

In dungeon cells, tormented, not able to flee


Pierce the darkness well-aimed Arrow

Wound the soul in blooming tall

Perforate living nightmare

Probing lifeless preys

Unfitted for credible merit

In toto undo, disinherit

From bounteous Land

Limitless gifts inherit


Burning tears dried

With tender Hand

By benevolence Royal

Through onerous toil,

Hedonistic impulse,

Roses all the way...

Trample, spoil


Silent, solemn gust...

Drops Sacred of Blood

Sinking mercilessly!

Bountifully, Mercifully

Into the pavement's dust...

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Dorothy Kardas & Carolyn Johnson on May 25, 2014 at 7:41 PM said:

Dear Friend in Christ (AKO),
Welcome to Our Christian Family! Certainly, Our Redeemer's and His Mother's Eyes are lovingly resting upon you... Be at peace, and know that you will be remembered in our daily prayers. Thank you for kind words that are gratefully received and valued. When God is our only guide and teacher, and His holy will and unchanging law become our sacred duties, we come to reason and comport ourselves alike. May we be always obedient to a perfectly Wise Love, and our works be participation in the compassion of God. Wishing you superabundance of all-healing Grace.
AKO on May 15, 2014 at 9:55 AM said:

Thank you dear Doctor for such wise advice. Our wish is to rid the world of all rot. I am newly converted and extremely happy to part of Christ's family the great people like yourself and very important part of my conversion. Pray that I avoid all you speak of as evil. Reading takes me days, but it is worth every second of time. Peace of Christ, Ako
Dorothy Kardas on March 30, 2014 at 7:19 PM said:

Dear Dr. Rogers,
This act of kindness and considerate message brought about moments of genuine spiritual joy, and had an invigorating effect for which I am truly thankful. There is absolutely no greater privilege, no more sublime, and more rewarding cause than faithfully battling for the cause of Christ! Without constant assistance of Grace regulated by the fathomless mercy of our Redeemer, our work is fruitless; as we know God is the only Giver of all that is good and lasting. To be dead to ourselves and fully devoted to Him is a continuous yet infinitely - spiritually profitable challenge. It is very comforting to know that "my" written output stirs lively discussions and is spiritually aiding. Please, be assured that I will keep you all in my daily prayers. May you have an abundant share in His imperishable riches... in His Peace and Joy!
Dr. Rogers on March 24, 2014 at 7:14 AM said:

Can't say enough to extol the magnitude of the messages your poems and essays send to our readers. They have a sensational effect upon the heart, soul and mind when earnestly pondered.
Its been decades since I have had such motivated students and lively, meaningful discussions. Absolutely mind blowing materials on sin and irrefutable arguments for soul searching. You referred to here as "The Queen of Soul", with all due respect. No one is thrilled being reminded about hell, but we are certainly overjoyed that your words do "scare the hell" out of us! Your work is a great blessing! Thank you.

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