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   The truth is women have been lied to for many decades about the safety of the contraceptives they have been using. The pill kills women and babies, and that is a proven medical fact. So why do our present government officials run their campaigns on a healthcare system that will give any woman, any age, anything she requests for birth control (including abortion), and exclude the hard facts that it may kill her and her baby? Could it be some shady deals are involved with the companies that produce these pills and devices? Or just to get the liberal women's votes? Why else? They do not take into consideration a woman's or baby's healthcare by allowing thousands of women to die from cancer and millions of babies to be killed in the womb. This is the real war on women we should all be angry about. Planned parenthood has duped millions of women into believing the pill is the "ultimate good" and there are very inconsequential risks involved.


Adapted from Celebrate Life  July-August 2012  pgs. 22 -24

By: Rita Diller

Consultants: Dr. Angela Lanfranchi (Breast Cancer Specialist) & Dr. Pia de Solenni

"Evil comes in many clever disguises... like steroidal hormones contained in 'the pill'.... This evil is packaged and sold as a panacea for a woman's ticket to freedom... in reality, the death-dealing birth control pill has spawned an immoral society obsessed with self. This selfishness is destroying women, babies, families, and the whole nation. The latest proof of the pill's poisonous effect is that it's now the vehicle being used to destroy religious freedom in the United States - long extolled as the land of the free."





The studies show that 'the pill' users have twice the risk of heart attack and stroke, and up to three times the risk of a sudden blockage on the lung artery.

Women who used Yaz and Yasmin had up to an 80% risk of developing a blood clot in a vein. This manufacturer is now reportedly paying $100,000,000 to settle lawsuits on behalf of women injured or killed by its use.

Heredity condition in a woman using these pills can cause even higher risks of blot clots... but, women are very seldom screened for such conditions or warned about the dangers of 'pill' use.




As far back as 2005, estrogen-progestin combination drugs like the 'pill' were classified as  group 1 carcinogens, know to cause breast cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer... 'pill users have six times more breast cancer that uterine and ovarian cancers combined... since 1975, the risk of breast cancer has increased 400% in premenopausal women... use of the 'pill' for 5-9 years doubles the risk of cervical cancer and triples the risk if used over 10 years... the 'pill' increases a woman's chance of primary liver cancer by up to 70% (rarer in developed countries).




'Pill" users increase their risk of getting HIV by 60% compared to non-pill users, and twice as likely to get infected with HPV (human papillomavirus).




Two different studies done in 2010 reported a rate of violent death among those who had used oral contraception... one study showed that the rate of violent death increases with longer duration of 'pill' use.




The 'pill' is an abortifacient because it destroys the endometrial lining, which makes it impossible for the newly formed embryonic baby to implant itself in the womb. It causes early abortion. The 'pill' also causes early abortions by triggering biochemical reactions that make implantation impossible. (Further information can be found on the web site: ThePillKills.com and STOPP.org)

Please also refer to the article on this site: ALL CONTRACEPTIVES KILL



LOVE HAS ELUDED THEM     By:  Dr. Pia de Solenni, S.T.D.


Dr. Pia is an ethicist, theologian, expert on the sanctity of life, women's health, the new feminism, and culture. "The Catholic Church is about love at its fullest. It forms our understanding of unconditional love, which is love given totally for the sake of the other, and mirrors Christ's love for the Church and the Church's love for Christ... throughout most of today's society, sex and love have been totally divorced. Traditional families are rapidly declining, as young people shun marriage and having children. Sex has become a recreational activity, and the 'pill' and abortion are used to prevent and eliminate unwanted babies.

Planned parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger's mission to separate sex from total and mutual self-giving for the good of the other has run its full course, and cheats today's young people out of the love and family foundation they need - but have no idea how to attain.

Intimacy, unity, trust, and love- what they represent is the gift of self. Contraception says, I am giving you my body for the night, for an hour, for a few months, but I certainly don't want to risk my fertility with you... This is not a complete gift of self. "




EWTN personality, Gloria Purvis, hosts the show Authentically Free at Last. She often speaks about the use of birth control and abortion targeting the African American community for extinction. Gloria is the Chairperson for Black Catholics United for Life,  serves on the D.C. Pregnancy Center, is on the advisory board for Maryland Catholic Conference's Respect for Life, and contributes to the National Black Catholic Congress' Leadership Commission on Social Justice. Purvis explains how deceptively the 'pill' is marketed to the African American community... the lies include: better health, women's empowerment, family planning, and now Planned Parenthood's biggest lies of the need for sterilization, birth control, and abortion. Their lies continue to feed the community with the promise that contraception would improve health and economic development. The results of these outrageous lies have been devastating for, 30% of abortions kill the children of African American women (while African Americans comprise only 12% of the total population.) Purvis further added, that when she and other African American women became pregnant, it was like running a gauntlet to get to delivery, for medical personnel at every turn were advising abortion followed by birth control (and these women were married, well-educated professionals who were well equipped to care for children and wanted to have them!)






In conjunction with attending informative symposiums, we need to stand together in prayer, protests, prayer vigils, rallies, etc. to call attention to THE PERILS OF THE PILL AND ABORTION.

Don't forget the babies in peril when you go to the polls to vote this November...

Vote your conscience for a Culture of Life...  EVERY VOTE COUNTS... this our chance to change the direction of our nation's future.  


                   Carolyn K. Johnson

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