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This verse was written against material that is unedifying, can intellectually confuse or spiritually damage impressionable minds. It was not intended to offend anyone who takes literary work seriously.


Endless creatural fabrications

Teasing with empty words

Half-baked opinions,

Un-thought through thoughts,

As mules playing hordes

With pale, unexciting words.


Incorrigible scribblers

Hungry for undue approval

Fearing disapproval

Thirsty for undue pleasure

Fearing due displeasure

Measuring one's "literate wits"

With a self-invented measure,

Cherishing centering around self

Scribbled "treasure..."


(In unceasing cranial motions

Still, unsifted, unweighed emotions

Feckless paper - pen commotions...)


Never-ending reiterations,

Duplications, replications...

Not ready for illuminating thought

Makings of amorphous brain,

Cogitations rich vein

Yet, dismally insane...

With polluted interiority

Uneager to face, germ-infested

Self-created mediocrity...


Unready for undying thought

Unheated by fiery

Illuminating Spirit

And creative

Hand Omniscient

To feed on a pasture lush

Literary and otherwise land decent...

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poesyrita on May 9, 2012 at 8:57 AM said:


Rita agrees...

There are writers and then there are WRITERS! Enjoyed your satirical poesy; it fits a whole gamut of meanings. Great writing... perfect title. (After being an Olde English teacher for countless years, I can tell what will catch my attention in less than 2 lines!)

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