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To breathe for all ye
In times of dreadful iniquity
Sway of chronic deceit,
Vicious misdeed -
The destroyers of nobility,
Costly bought dignity.
Being pitilessly firm...
For nothing eludes His Eyes -
The deadweights, earthly - perilous ties!
Is the work a continual, solemn prayer?
Is the work a self-seeking,
(Scandalous!) misdeeds purveyor?

Distaste the outlook earthbound
Where no durable content
And stirring hope are found.
Detest the pagan, vain efforts -
Hostile to the uplifting Design
The unchecked, reckless decline.

Staring in the face of abhorrent reality...
For sin offended Thee in unsightly infinity
The fruitless enslavement
Far advanced is the night,
The enemies of sanctity
Aiming at denying this dazzling Light,
Toiling against sound reason
Vainly struggling to dethrone Thee -
Mindless, coldhearted treason.

Oh! The Liberating, Life-giving power of Thee,
The trustworthy, unrivaled, foolproof!
Essence of Christianity...

Sin offended Thee in frightful infinity
No finite creature
Could earn fit reparation
For sin's perpetration
And, adoring His Blood and Tears
Is to pacify discouraging, hopeless fears.

To be unattached with unclouded eyes
Hidden in The Wounded Palm...
While soul no longer dies...
Freed from life-defying lies
And illusion creating ties.
Clothed in the garment of opulent grace
To finish the costly won...
Triumphant race.

Sin offends Thee in infinity...
To be delivered from all except Thee
To clearly see... to justly be...
In Bloody Hand be washed and free
To breathe for all ye...
In days of frightful iniquity
(Oh! speak through me to 'all' ye...)

And, the Bread of Heaven
Illumine darkened minds
And ignite somnolent hearts,
For each step entertains
The thought of salvation
Or horror of damnation...
Set on fire the feeble flame
Of 'human goodwill'
To relish its fill...

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Liam Cox on September 27, 2023 at 12:15 AM said:

Thanks and God bless Dorothy kardas for sharing such beautiful inspiration. The road may be long and hard to tread,
But I will remain steadfast, till the task is dead.
And though my heart may falter and ache,
I will carry on, for the cross sake.
Beverly Hills on February 3, 2016 at 6:39 PM said:

Dr. Kardas, I have been reading & reading with such awe and admiration for your bold truth. Please check message on your new poem. There aren't any words left to describe what reading your poems have done for me. I feel ashamed yet re-awakened to search my soul. You certainly can make the tears flow. SIN IS AN UGLY BEAST you have revealed through your words. God be with you.

(comment from Poem Hunter)

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