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Silence the tongue

Unbiddable mind

Pompous twit

With foodless find


Stuffed shirt

Casting out

Inhuman dirt

Through the mouth


Lips unsuited

For strict order

Engaged in


Volitional disorder

Spurn after spurn

Of vital concern

Burn in vain... burn


Uncombed thoughts

Unwashed hands

Unfit for desired action

Inviolable demands

Drowning in

Sly distraction

Lawless... deathtrap

Self-imposed tragic tale

As the tale of trapped whale


Unknowing, inflated

Conceitedly elated...

Trouble the head!

At being in to-to dead...


Listen to the siren song

Look at the dance of death...

Eerie, sinister ghost...

Gaze at the brilliance...

Hearken to the silence

Of starry host...

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Dorothy Kardas on May 19, 2014 at 6:44 PM said:

Dear JR. S.
Sincerely appreciate this amusingly inimitable and considerately written comment. I am sure you need not to safeguard yourself with a bullet-proof vest. As we know, the more intimately one is united with Christ: filled with the Light of the Holy Spirit and all His gifts - Sanctifying Grace - the Gift of Charity, the more triumphant one is in all respects, including the efficacy in any debate. It is ridiculously incongruous, arrogant and absolutely foolish to be against divine Truth - mortals can only humbly kneel to, and bow down to the "Splendor of Truth." Those who are deviating gravely from divine law and Truth cannot consider themselves ever victorious for all their efforts are as successful as trying to pull down the sun with a hoe! Woefully, they are in the abyss of corruption and internal-self-destruction; in delusive nonliability and sadly are experiencing the supernatural death of the soul. Infinite dignity of God demands to honor infinitely the sacredness of the law of God - given to us by reason of His Supreme Love.
May you have an abundant share in His heavenly gifts and blessings always...
JR Serling on May 15, 2014 at 7:11 AM said:

We just love reading your works Dr. Kardas. They're so on target and explosive, I feel the need to wear a bullet-proof vest! There are so many problems in our world today, I wouldn't know where to begin, but you seem to hit every nail on the head! After reading your descriptions, I doubt whether there's any one of us who would be willing to challenge you in a debate. Congratulations! Only you have the expertise and courage to go after the evil doers, we admire your style!
Jim Sweeney on January 8, 2013 at 5:49 PM said:

YES! Trouble the head at being dead! Bold & so true! Dr. we enjoy your lion-hearted style! Not only these spiritual zombies are burning in vain now but if not repenting, they will burn in eternal fire forever. Clever hidden meaning in each of your poetic works & quotable phrases! Indeed, we should be learning a lot from nature & the silence of starry host.

We would like to wish you & Carolyn a very blessed New Year! Jim & the clan

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