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Too far apart!

Disfigured by mar,

Despise astatic ways...

(Florid felicity

Cannot flourish

In driblet of

Fell duplicity...)

Unfold the arduous maze

To reach highland,

Covenanted Place,

Finishing providential race.

Not ever stopping,

As horse galloping,

Spitting, spitting, spitting

In the Old Serpent's face!


Rays from Footprints gleaming

In torturous distance streaming...

Too far apart!

Repulsion of each mar!

Too distant

Hem of Your Cloak

Starved for soft stroke...

Fire within

Needs to be stoked...

Can't touch Pierced Hand,

Stained in Blood sand...

Mend wounds oh! mend...

(Euphoric Grassland!)

Your Silhouette

On distant shore...

Soul - lapse no more!

Enclose Ring of fire

Crush empty desire,

Silence denier -

Perpetual liar!


Deathless Inspirer...


Silence my tongue

When I do not speak of Thee,

Make my pen barren

If I fail to write of Thee...

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Dorothy Kardas on August 10, 2015 at 6:29 PM said:

Dear Donata,
Thank you for this act of charity - your favorable & supportive message of God's inspired work on this site for which I am forever grateful. No doubt, evil influence & evil intent must be fiercely charged at with the Sword of Christ's Truth! My daily concern is not only to battle evil but wholeheartedly cherish the infinite blessings that God is pouring over the entire world, & always have the purity of intention - doing it all exclusively for God's Glory & entirely forgetting myself. Wishing you & your loved ones the greatest fruitfulness of the state of Grace... With love - DK
Donata Rosselli on August 3, 2015 at 4:00 PM said:

Fantastic site full of wisdom beyond the ages. Just love the way you attack evil and bring to light what is most pleasing to Our Lord. I'll probably read your works for the rest of my earthly life - there's so much to absorb into my puny little brain. Keep going after the beast with all your might, this world is such a mess! God bless you for your work for Christ's message. Forever in Christ Jesus, Donna
Alyssa on June 8, 2012 at 10:41 AM said:

We're THUNDERSTUCK! God Bless you for opening up a whole new world in prose & poetry. Reading is like being in a cidadel for the Lord.
Thank you dear friend in Christ.

Keep these pages overflowing with your pearls of wisdom. We really can't get enough! A & J
Renee on April 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM said:

Dearest Friend in Christ, Words alone can not express the value of what you have written to us in such a talented way. God bless you for sharing and enlightening so many
impressionable minds. In Thanksgiving for what you have given to us all @ MSC.

(comment from former Christianpoetry.org)

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