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To be honorably wise

Is to be living in Christ,

Verily, the strictly unwise

Are against the teachings of Christ...

To sin against Truth and Love

Is to be a lifeless dope,

Being devoid of life-giving hope...

Living in captivity

Of stupidity and futility.


Rather be as uncomfortable as possible,

Enduring affliction and defamation

Than hunting for friendless

And fake exaltation.


The truly wise abide in endless Grace,

In purposed Deus' pace...

Shaking hands with edifying charity,

Having unmitigated horror

Of tyranny of depravity.


Exclusive human surmise

Is always ill-advised;

Is of no avail and gain,

Sower of ineluctable pain.


Lacking sanctifying state

Is to succumb to carnal, animal case!

Not elevating the human plight

To desirable supernatural life.


Unclean living is parasitical,

Polluted by error living,

Marked by infernal oppression

And inexcusable Truth suppression.

Unclean life is the obstructer

To fly into the arms of Truth liberating...


To be detached from a selfish

And mediocre passion

Like clockwork gives way to

Golden insight and compassion,

While mortal sin and heinous infidelity

Are depriving the soul of

God's vast Grace and amity,

Killing the soul so costly bought

With each drop of His Sacred Blood...

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lotsapowit on April 23, 2012 at 5:49 PM said:

Excellent Analysis!

States exactly why this world is in such a mess and chaos. Superb analysis of how the soul is "killed". Masterwork!

(comment posted on Showcase)

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