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Barren are the hands of the one who is unseeing,

While mighty is the brain

And mighty are the hands of the one whose heart

Is in tears and filled with pity for all,

Who is hopeful in sadness and joy,

Grateful in good fortune and misfortune,

Obliged in favors or evil dispensation.

And, bare indeed are hands of the one

With indifferent headwork and imagination.


Say, say my friend a prayer

That is answered each time

Pray, pray my helper

For love that is greater in time

Mourn over the smallest failing or crime.


How bare are the hearts of the unseeing;

Their lips are troublesome weight

Their hearts weight heavily

And, their suffering - a wasteful lot

And even their joy - a burden and load.

They expose sham success or happiness

While untold harm was perpetrated

Through their pursuit of fake victory and gladness.

How empty are the heads of the eyeless

And barren the hands of the pitiless.


Say, say a prayer

That is answered each time

Pray, pray my helper

For love that is purer each time

For each failing or crime

For it is answered in time...


For blessed indeed are the lips

That absolve you of your failing and crime.

Blessed are the lips that

Pronounce life-giving death each time.

Blessed indeed

Are the hands filled

With kindhearted deeds,

Blessed are the God's chosen priests.


Say, say a prayer

That is answered in time

Pray, pray my helper

For love that is greater in time

Pray for life-giving death

For smallest failing or crime,

For this prayer is answered each time.

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lotsapowit on April 26, 2012 at 8:00 PM said:


Your poem is a great reminder of what we really need to pray for. Much wisdom here... again skillfully turning the reader's attention to cherish a prayerful life and crave the life-giving death... also to take responsibility for praying for saintliness of all.

post-note: We're so glad we had time to revisit the site today. Thank you for your newest additions... gems in the crown of verse. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and Healthy, Holy New Year. We'll be off cruising the South Pacific for our (50th!) Wedding An. God bless your poetic ministry...

(comments from dear friends at Showcase)

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