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Without Thee, I am nothing

No use for merit spotting

Like clockwork, awestruck

For the Ring mesmeric...

Scorning the wildly chimeric


Raging torrents bitterly mad

Mighty force... safeguarding

From ill-favored death...


Fervidly captivated

By the unbroken garland

Cherishing  zealously

The booming Fatherland...


Mesmerized by blazing halo

Rapped what pious mind mapped,

Abide in me, enriching me,

Endless jubilee, Infinite Thee...


Your armed, vast love, unfailing might

Awaken conscience, inflame the heart

Free from mists and haze the sight

Guide to path of enrapture and light...


A combatant sword gripped in hands

Prepared for all unfallen demands...




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Dorothy Kardas on April 4, 2014 at 5:16 PM said:

Dear Erin Dugan,
This is absolutely most touching and thoughtful message for which my sister and I are eternally grateful. It definitely,
"revitalized" us spiritually as well! Yes! Through the infinite help of the Holy Ghost, "God's tender care and Holy Mother's love," day by day we are driving away the beast!
Thanks for mentioning "resounding joy in Heaven" - this is a superb reminder/inspirer in our continuous work. There is so much more we must do for our preborn brothers and sisters in Christ. Whenever there is indifference in opposing this diabolic cruelty to the unborn, the result is the dehumanization of the world and massive spiritual suicide. May we earnestly confront and resist all that is hostile to our sacred faith. Wishing you and your loved ones an abundance of heavenly gifts and blessings... In union with Christ's love... Dorothy & Carolyn
Erin Dugan on March 30, 2014 at 1:05 PM said:

Sincere congratulations on such a terrific site, which we often visit to get revitalized spiritually. There's so much to learn from every line of your works, that it may take a lifetime to sink in all the wisdom. We want to thank you personally for sharing your gifts from the Holy Ghost, and your mission against sin and Satan. God bless you and your co-author for standing up for the unborn, all the sections of your site put out powerful shots of reality and resounding joy in Heaven. We LOVE TO SHARE and wish we had time to do more, but as God leads us, one soul at a time, let's walk together in His tender care and with His Holy Mother's love.
Peter Laskin on June 27, 2012 at 7:49 PM said:

The yearning for holiness... "blazing halo," "blooming Fatherland," and "Ring Mesmeric" is evident and highly praiseworthy! Yes! Without God's almighty pull through His Grace, and our cooperation with divine love, we are nothing and are wasting our earthly existence! It only matters who we are in the eyes of God. God wants us all to become holy... become more like He is... Poetics at its best! Many thanks...

(comment from PoemHunter)

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