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Pile of ungoverned cravings

Rotten to the core habits

Raising castles in the air

Itching palm and wolfishness

Tied to hopeless selfishness.

Imbued with pride -

Green to its mutilation;

In the dark, to its deformation

Lacking comeliness

And unflappable lowliness.


Sealed brains and bolted -

Unopenable hearts...

Cowardly... dastardly...

Abjectly imbecile

Obtusely indocile


Despicable babbling,

Mental dog-trot

Down-and-out lot.


Malicious dispositions

In self-seeking

Thrill-seeking competitions,

Pave the way to depravation

(Finishing off in dispossession);

Mammon raving machines,

Coloration of chaotic self-consideration,

Forgetting the tender-hearted liberality -

The most giving limbs of Love.


Unaware of meddling in infernal place

Refusing remedies for dignification to Grace;

Deprived of wings of modesty and compliance

In need of intimate with the Designer Alliance

Growing weaker due to inedible, deadly food,

Rejecters of restoring - heavenly good...

Without the wings of innocence and humility

Cannot reach the overabundant regions of Benignity.

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John Owen on May 21, 2012 at 6:54 AM said:

Another great satirical work with profound spiritual insights. Dr. Kardas, your God-given wisdom and expressive skills are really amazing! Each line is a superb example of what poetics should do...challenge our intellects and hearts - FULL BLAST. Without innocence and humility we can't expect to ever become wise and truly content. Yes, God does reward our humility and virtues! God bless you, JO

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