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  (Political Satire)


"Veiled" in hypocrisy, deviating, sleazy blends

Propagate devious, crooked lands.

Unappealing, stage characters,

Unsuitable to lead, unwilling to heed.


Coquet with debauchery of tongue

Pitiable phrases, frenzy of basking in absurd,

Take up perilous stands,

Sporting muddy spectacles

(unbearable clans...).


Unzealous to ascend to elegance of transparency

As the "Know-Nothing" troops - dwarfs feeble

Portraying themselves as Goliaths! Hoity-toity...

Faith ignorants with beclouded reason,

Delighting in themselves, baring the unlearned mode -

Jabber of madness... in insistent

Perpetuation of insufferable treason.


Unaware that strength rests in uncovering flaws

Achilles' heel... and, concealing fault

Is submitting to its ugly default...


Allow themselves to be guzzled away

For degraded political sway

In the main: unforeseeing audaciously,

Governing fallaciously, insane notoriously!

Touching issues that neither cerebrally

Nor spiritually can seize...


Monumental despoilers, admit triumph of collapse?!

Outbreak of grotesque, creeping mystification,

Settling in woozy fantasy - perverse link of ideas,

Falling into insupportable relapse...


Ungrounded buoyancy, relentless flippancy,

Religious laziness, rooted in intellective sleepiness;

Isn't it like "the dying saying 'hello' to the dead"?


Are the cooked up policies rouse social duty?

Warning voice? Do the tenets sharpen vital impulse?

Rob of charity? Deny humanity? Are fertile ground

For Force that endlessly blesses and exalts?

And, for jubilant sounds or are abysmal holes

For "directionless", dense moles?


Assemblage kaleidoscopic of inane plans

Put forward to caught off guard green and raw fans

Applause of the beginners, untutored and herded!

Insult me, affront me, dismiss me, I shall not recoil!


Are the ploys in work bites predacious, stabs rapacious

And, stewing rage at the unassailable Gage?

Ploys malicious, ploys fictitious

Can never usurp repute nutritious

While earthling gravely stained

Savors no enduring gain...


Still, what is of greatest import

For thee and me?

Is it the nation? Its usurpation?

Is it thee and me?


Recall... the All-Knowing Eyes -

With No disguise...

The unending

Infallible despise...


Times passed and political systems cannot replace our

personal awareness.

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Karen on May 4, 2012 at 8:21 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, we have to let you know we think your poetry is AWESOME! It is so evident how much you love Our Lord and His creation from every word you write. Your delivery of messages is unique, to the point, and powerful. We are very eager to read on... glad we found the source on google. May God Bless you and your apostolic work. Karen and friends in Christ.
Wish more people would go after all those "pagans" trying to ruin our country!

(comment from Christianpoetry.org)

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