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Unimpressed by charity

Conscious only

Of visible "reality"

Insidious voices,

Impenetrable by guilt

Swim heedlessly

In ocean of fiction

Inwardly stunted

By dogged reason.


Wasted by chances

Revel in spell

Of irreligious service

Unsorrowful in

Rising sorrow

Spread infection

Of violent lies

By mockingly

Replying to blessings.


Rashly refusing

Real Nutriment

Lamentably scornful

To Interior Knower

Descend into chasm

Of crookedness

Unreconciled souls

Stay unmelted by

Radiant Light...


Ill-willed servants


Rotten traitors...

Sly deceivers of others

Who can by deception

And wrongness

Usher to soundness others...



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Dorothy Kardas on June 24, 2014 at 6:26 PM said:

Dear N.C. Yes! My only goal & greatest concern is to be pleasing in the sight of Our Creator/Redeemer/Comforter, and fulfill all sacred duties for His Glory. Thanks for your graceful gesture in sharing kind observations regarding my work - considerately written which I truly cherish. In the future, in addition to what is included on our web site, I plan to affirm the Word of God via different mode of communication (a little surprise). May you have an abundant share in heavenly treasures! Peace, joy and love - DK
Noel C.ambell on June 19, 2014 at 4:27 PM said:

Fantastic fast paced poetry for Glory of God! Reading the various styles is amazing, keeps my attention focused on your most important messages, Had for me, just n amateur to believe one person can change their style of writing from poem to poem, line to line. It is a style that is really captivating the audience into deeply concentrating on the truth of God. You indeed are the best and only genius of this gebre. God bless you for your work in spreading the Word od God to so many in such a unique way, I know I will always await early to read your next masterpiece.
Lester on June 26, 2012 at 11:07 AM said:

Dr. Dorothy!
Your satires are always a direct hit! Too many ignorant and "rotten traitors"... so called "Christians" or believers who betray Our Lord at their place of work & at the voting booths!!! Hope they will smarten up before this November!
Time to clean up the White House & Congress!

Great & hopeful ending! (I knew you were a "tough cookie" but you beat them all!) God bless... Les

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