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Adapted from "The unheard-of holocaust: ABORTIFACIENT CONTRACEPTION"

Celebrate Life  July-August 2012 Magazine pgs. 13-14  ( ALL )

By: Thomas Reynolds


Editorial Note: Since so many Catholics and Christians tragically resort to these anti-life measures in spite of them being in violation of Church teaching and natural laws, some eye-opening information has been brought to life by some courageous pioneers in the most recent long term studies of what contraceptives actually do to a woman's body and preborn child (children).

It is of utmost importance to keep in mind, we, the US taxpayers, are now required by (Obama's) law to force health insurance plans to cover sterilization, any and all contraception, and abortion-inducing drugs and devices, as well as provide abortion on demand at any time in pregnancy. (Please think of every aspect and statistic included in this article as you go to the polls to vote in this November's presidential election!)


A very relevant resource for every person to read is a booklet entitled: Infant Homicides through Contraception, published by the Ad Hoc Commission to Study Abortion Deaths.

Spiritual Director, Rev. John A. Hardon, S.J. has succinctly stated, "Contraceptives themselves are homicidal drugs and devices... more widely lethal than surgical killing of unborn children."

Commission member, Charles E. Rice, J.S.D. has stated, "Contraception is the defining evil of our time. Its legitimization leads inevitably, not only to abortion and euthanasia, but to a host of their evils, including promiscuity, divorce, pornography, and homosexual activity."

Pediatrics Professor and commission member, Dr. Eugene F. Diamond, M.D. explained the following: These so-called contraceptives work primarily by their effect on the prevention of the implantation of the blasocyst. This anti-implantation is an abortifacient effect. (It aborts the preborn baby.) To be truly pro-life requires that we go beyond surgical abortions to oppose all these early "silent abortions."




In the above mentioned source, there is a section entitled "Abortifacient Drugs and Devices: A Short Review." The research was done by Bogomir M. Kuhar, Pharm.D.,

B.S. Pharm., F.A.S.C.P. Here we find extensive research data supporting the above statements. Dr. Kuhar explains, "Infant Homicides through Contraceptives ... clearly and unequivocally provides the conclusion that all steroid-based so-called 'contraceptives' and many other products are abortifacient (in significantly more instances than previously thought). Having swallowed the poisonous lies of pharmaceutical manufacturers and the financiers (The Rockefeller Foundation, Warren Buffet, etc.) even many so-called 'pro-lifers' have fallen prey to the 'contraceptive mentality' - which most often leads to the 'abortion mentality'." 

Aided by the most prestigious colleagues, Dr. Kuhar describes in detail the documented research findings about abortifacient contraceptives and devices. Due to their efforts, they were able to compile the following staggering statistics - that is - approximately how many abortions they caused that were never thought of -  or known about until now.




To summarize:

Oral Contraceptives (OCs - "the pill" ): prevents the newborn baby to attach itself onto the lining of the mother's womb. Result: abortion (Women will never know how many babies they have aborted by using "the pill," maybe up to 2 or 3 per year of use.

Dr. Kuhar used the data of prescriptions sold in the US in a year and has estimated that possibly 3,000,000 babies were aborted by using "the pill."


Depo-Provera (an injection) and Norplant (an implant now replaced under new brand names) like OCs prevent implantation. Resulting up to 2,700,000 abortions by injection and 2,100,000 abortions by implants.


IUDs, are strictly abortifacients - not even "contraception." They outright kill preborn children! Based on IUD users (numbers bought or sold), it is calculated the IUDs cause 3,825,000 abortions annually.


According to Dr. Kuhar's conservative estimates, OCs, Depo-Provera, Implants and IUDs alone caused up to 11,625,000 abortions annually in the USA, that no woman will ever know about. Added to this number are the 1,425,000 surgical abortions. Which bring the total of precious murdered babies to approx. 13,050,000 in one year! (This does not even include "The morning after pill" which still needs to be added into the equation!)


Dr. Kuhar's added message to women is his warning, that anyone who uses any of these "contraceptive devices," statistically aborts at least one baby per year of use.


If these facts have not shaken you to the roots of your heart and soul please re-read the above data. Contraception is (and always was) an intrinsic evil and must be reversed! We can not allow the government to spread this evil any further by its "healthcare" supported by Obama and most of the Dems. in office.


To open up your eyes even further, let me do the math for you. According to this study's findings for abortions per year in the US, that means since 1973 the estimated number of babies killed by abortions in the USA is about...


509,000,000 !



Can you live peacefully knowing this information? I know I can't!


                                      Carolyn K. Johnson                             


*Let's not forget the newest research and lawsuits that have been put into action because of the overwhelming number of deaths of women that were caused by these "contraceptive and devices", as well as, the millions of babies killed and thrown down lab drains after in-vitro procedures because they were not "selected" to live, and countless women who have died after having surgical or chemical abortions. The shocking death toll of preborn babies above, now actually could be doubled!


**Infant Homicides through Contraceptives is available from:

The American Life League Tel. # 866-538-5483

For more information on the tremendous harm caused by contraceptives visit the web site












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