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Under Thy Wing

Solace balmy bring

Shield from warlike spite

With Thy omniscient Might.


Under Thy Eyes

Ruthless invader

Unfaithful trader

Oblivious to cries...

Well-tied to lies

Invaded Thy Truth

Unbreakable Sooth!


Under Thy Guard

Intruder marred

Mortally scarred

In its unsightliness

Deaf to Thy Mightiness

Intruded Thy Truth

Infrangible Sooth!


Under Thy Shield

Unwilling to kneel...

Attacker's deal

Bluntly revealed



Remains in the Light

At Thy Sacred Sight...


Under Thy Wing

Comfort soothing bring

Shield from invader's lies

Impervious to cries...

Unremorsefully unwise

Suicidally hard

Balefully scarred...


Thy Holy Hands

Guard her soul guard...

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Katrina Milford on May 4, 2012 at 8:32 PM said:


That was an amazing poem. Read so easily, very good writing!

-Katrina Milford-

(comment from Showcase)

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