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(For My Sister Carolyn)


Eminent Hand placed you on unassuming floor,

Far and wide opening providential door...

Causer of miracles launched astounding wonder

No earthling can fittingly ponder,

Sending all into raptures over this amazing sight,

To bring to light... to see the light of love,

Brought a calm, bright-eyed,

In an instant, cherished dove;

Unveiled in His unfathomable Superiority

A soul patterned her life on His generosity.


Benevolent Heaven bestowed luminous star

Brought from afar with a giant-like heart,

Nourishing her spirit on sustaining Bread of God,

Discerning that entire world is not worthy of thought,

And being unfocused on the Majesty of the Lord

Is escaping from bounty and stealing from Him thought,

Aiming tender feelings what His Passion has brought.


Receiver of exaltation

And golden trust in supernal restoration;

Her illuminating nobility

Stretches out in honorable humility.

Prudent, thanks to edifying self-giving,

Bestowed benefit and reward of calm living,

Self-imposed gem of privation -

A sign of dignified habitation.

Zealous sufferer for the Highest Good

Receiver of exalted privilege and divine food.

Fervent recipient of suffering high honor

For the Unsurpassed Victim,

Bestower and Donor...

Farsighted in Cross elevation

And Its glorification.

Sagacious in grasping that

Embracer and seeker of cross

Is devout embracer of

The Supremacy of Love.

Soul walking in the Light

Cannot grow weary

Nothing is formidable

And toilsome for

A steadfast giver...

No rough ground

No thorny,

Intimidating terrain

For she is bound


To the King's Reign.


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Laurra Jones on June 15, 2012 at 9:58 AM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, what a superb poem packed with powerful insights! "Zealous recipient of suffering high honor, for unsurpassed Victim and Donor..." Oh, how I wish there were more people who fit this description. It is truly amazing how much wisdom is included in each of your poems. Truly, your writing reveals a genius of expression! Your sister must be a very special person with solid Christian values... Must run in the family.
Love, Laurra

(comment from PoemHunter)
TwoPence on April 30, 2012 at 5:30 PM said:

Heartfelt Tribute -

You indeed have a "Sterling Treasure"! We should all take lessons from this one!... TwoPence

(comment from a dearest friend on Showcase)

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