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In voice insistent -

On ground verdant

Or land scorched;

While provisos

Are distressing

And unfair...

Evoking what

Pristine Splendor -

Eyes Innocent

Lay bare...


Minds unripe

For revealing musing

Strolling on terrain

Of presumed high merit

Sightless to paining

Offense and losing

Unacquainted what

The future may inherit...


One flash passed

And one is gone...

Is the mind still alone?

On the path to

Cloudless Kingdom

Or in giddy, fruitless roam?


One flash passed

And one is gone...

On the way to

Palmy Home?

Or in rootless,

Hopeless dome?


Bright instant lost

Another petty

Agendum's tossed...

To be owlishly wise

And recognize...

What to yearn for most...

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Dawn Markus on June 4, 2012 at 7:01 AM said:

Dr. Kardas, There is so much to absorb in each of your poems, and you sow the seeds of God's Truth in powerful and varied fashions! Yes, our lives are fragile and uncertain. We must be ready at each moment to face our Creator and Saviour. Everything else is less than nothing! Love the phrase: "one flash passed and one is gone..." So true and compels us to constant and careful soul searching. LOVE YOUR WORKS!

P.S. Ms. Carolyn Johnson's posted shrines for the unborn from different countries are moving and give us hope that someday the greatest evil of ABORTION will be totally eliminated!!!

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