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in fluctuations of civic opinions


inverted order of priorities!


by voluminous (ominous!) stupidities


human head and rule by the "masses"!


of the sickness of unjustifiable passes...


the view that "majority opinion rules"

What if majority

are mostly "fools"?


can never assume equal weight!

Calling for

corrective, illuminating power of faith...


An intrinsically heinous crime,

Cannot be made by majority opinion right!

Any divergence from Changeless Truth,

Ineluctably sows injury, anguish or fright.


What unlimited liberty of thought,

Undisciplined flights of fancy have brought?



by figures married to deception,

crafting fake fans, to laud self,

brashly untreatable in egotistic demands,

tirelessly engaged in unrewarding plans.


(On fabricated, fictitious ground

what but less than nil,

privation and desolation are found).


Habitual deception

(undignified, silly tease)

Uncovered with ease

By hawk-eyed perception,

Propping up delusional beliefs,

Accepting as true what

They wish to believe,

Making use of any trick

And childish

Self-indulgent mischief.


Only distinctly unwise

Shy away from

Critical, farsighted eyes,

Resort to name calling

(Juvenile-like falling)

Adolescently fixated

(Lodging in irrational anger -



What a waste of time!

Self-abuse is a crime,

Turned into lunacy

Self-imposed inadequacy.


Must steadily guard

what's Thine

shield what's


meant to be

for blissful perpetuity

of others' and mine...


The Father of Lights - The Only Reconciler

Mount on earth Thy fail-safe reign

For Thy children - dreadfully stained,

Who disdain Thy remedial Truth -

Hopelessly take a fancy to delude, deceive

And impenitently feign... and feign and feign...



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The Rebel on May 4, 2012 at 8:06 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, I'm breaking all the rules writing this to you... however, I feel it is my Christian duty to tell you how much your poetry has changed my thinking. Being a poetry "hater", you have accomplished the impossible! I now enjoy doing my assignments, thanks to you. It's really a tough choice which poem to choose, when you have such a wealth of information and styles here. Well, just to tell you from a humble student... I think YOU ARE GREAT! Thanks for all the reminders Christians should already know, but are too negligent to work on. I for one, shall try to improve my ways! May the Good Lord bless you, (a student in disguise!).

(comment from Christianpoetry.org).

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