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       To be willing to die for a strong conviction may be the noblest act. The willingness to die for defending the unchangeable - divinely revealed truths - is indubitably the utmost heroic act. No one gifted with farsightedness and keen discernment would die however, for approving a lie. No sagacious learner would be willing to die for advocating a guilty act that is fatal to his/her spiritual life. The readiness to die for supporting a deadly vice, is the same as consenting to one's own spiritual death, since it is a grave sin against the Spirit of Immutable Truth and as such remains unforgotten and unforgiven. It is entirely absurd to die for an alterable or unsound human opinion, but again, it is the greatest privilege to die for divine truth.

       Would a person be disposed to die for approval of destruction of the innocent? Certainly not! Except when dwelling in the darkness of falsehood and recognizable mental unbalance or lunacy. Living authentically in accordance with divinely disclosed truths however, empowers one to accept with the help of omnipotent grace, even one's own demise in efforts to affirm and defend absolute truth, whereas unambiguous reluctance to die for a conviction that a person may consider erroneously right may be a sign of cowardice, or is an indication of not being on the unshakable grounds of truth. Simone Weil pointedly concluded that all opinions ought to be examined but they need to be arranged in a vertical manner, since there exist different degrees of intimacy between each creature and the Creator, indicating rightly that those individuals who are in the closest union with their Redeemer or God, as the saints are, should be most diligently and determinedly listened to.

       An acceptance or repudiation of any conviction has as a requisite and consequence modification in a person's entire being and conduct. In other words, all sound convictions should be intensely lived (e.g., Kierkegaard); should reorganize anew one's whole being, galvanizing one's actions, and most importantly perfecting significantly his/her interiority. Is it possible therefore to live intensely and deeply a conviction, which allows the barbarous massacre of the innocent and defenseless or the unborn?! Both, those who commit these unthinkable crimes, as well as, those who support or allow them - by reason of "complicity to evil" are equally guilty and shall be held accountable. Indeed, a person ought not to "swallow more convictions than he/she can digest."

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