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Grave misdeeds, dismal wicked ways

Take away the Light of Spirit Holy...

And baseless, doltish presumption

Of blessed, blissful, beatific days...


Minds vacuous, black as cavernous pit

Insane dissenters, thickheaded heretics

Distorting Doctrines Perpetual bit by bit

No sage thought of damnation admit.


Minds defying God's Pure, Infallible Authority

Using deposit of Faith as mere commodity

Daring to twist restorative, Saving Truth

Choosing perfidious, infernal tread of frivolity.


To raise urgently steadfast, loyal din...

Of host of perils, immortal damages

Of blameful and impenitent deadly sin...

Acts unguided by Faith's Light impart no win.


Suffering from severe disorder... head

Take heed that a soul is downright dead

- - - - - - - In perpetrating one mortal sin!

And, one dying in un-contrite sin mortal

Will never ascend to heavenly portal...


Deadly sin cannot be an apple of discord

As fully revealed by Author of Salvation

For grave offense, one cannot afford

As asinine notion as "sin's relativity"!


Grave transgression is wholly joined

With ghastly - permanent finality...

- - - - - - - For poisoning, murdering

- - - - - - - - - - - - Life-giving charity!


Pride, as pernicious stimulus

To violent, enmity, infidelity

Tying in... with unrepentant deadly sin

Retains forever - damnatory reality!


Owing to scandalous Truth's perversity

And remorseless sin's absurdity...

Oodles of souls fall into dire lake of fire

Unquenchable, everlasting fire... with rapidity...



"First of all, one mortal sin strikes a soul dead, driving out from it the Holy Ghost, sanctifying grace, and Charity. Secondly, one such sin destroys all the merits of a long life... Thirdly, one such sin mortifies, kills and destroys the saving power of every action that the soul may do while in that state of separation from God. Fourthly, it weakens both the supernatural elements that remain in the soul (the virtues of Faith and Hope), and the natural powers and faculties of the soul itself. Lastly, it brings the soul into the double debt of guilt and pain. These are the five effects of a mortal sin - a sin which will surely take the sinner down to Hell, to eternal death, unless he repents."

  - Henry Edward Manning - ("Sin and Its Consequences")

"The 'sin against the Holy Ghost,' which 'shall never be forgiven,' is a sin unto death. This comprises sins that embody a stubborn resistance to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost and His work in the soul, and an open contempt for His gifts. These sins are six: despair of one's salvation, presumption of God's mercy (while remaining in mortal sin), resisting the known truths of faith, envy of another's spiritual good, obstinacy in sin, and final impenitence. Although no sin is absolutely unpardonable, those who sin against the Holy Ghost stubbornly resist the influence of grace and do not wish to repent, hence their sin cannot be forgiven."

- Henry Edward Manning - ("Sin and Its Consequences")

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Jim Sweeney on October 13, 2012 at 6:19 AM said:

Most important message written with force and great conviction. Any sin but esp. a mortal sin is the GREATEST EVIL! A truly soul shaking poem - can't be stressed enough that a mortal sin kills soul - takes away the Holy Spirit, and destroys charity. So many folks are living in darkness of mortal sin - are spiritually dead and don't know about it!!! They are fooled by Satan's lies. Thanks for sharing the info. on effects of a mortal sin. Wish there were more preaching on the consequences of sin, so we wouldn't be in such a MESS! Super job Dr. God bless! Jim and the clan

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