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...Gelidity is always


As stone resisting...


Infidelity shocking

By Christian groups,

Betrayals staggering

By Catholic troops!

Moral blindness

Political darkness

All of us fools!


"Guilty of all

Crimes committed"

In mess uncommitted,

Lukewarm, ill directed

Missing candor,

Lacking courage,

Abuse of handy tools

Willy-nilly, silly-billy fools!


Is the Truth liberating

Over our heads

To settle for

Callous muddleheads?


Spiritless gloom...

All shall break loose

From louring doom,

From sinking into

Mess uncommitted

Being "Guilty of all

Crimes committed"

Undisguised fools!


A "hangdog" demagogue

Without excuse

Out of order,

Unworkable duels.


Is the Truth Divine

Over human head?

Or the gray matter

Grew painfully mad?

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John Owen on May 21, 2012 at 6:19 AM said:

Superb shots of insight and style! Betrayal of Christ's teachings in social issues, politics etc. certainly creates this horrific mess and confusion in our lost society! Way too many Christians and Catholics shamefully stand in "name only"! Either we are fully WITH Christ - or then sadly we are against Our Lord. (There is No middle ground on this point.) Absolutely love this poem and your wit Dr., especially in the last stanza...it made me laugh.
I'm really glad to see that you have finally written up your own site...We all love the way it's set up. Kudos on the great work for the Lord! JO

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