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Dedicated to Our Holy Mother


Union with the traitor

And foe of God

Is hard to set

Right and remedy,

As in all times,

Places and affairs

The hellish foes

Set their snares.


Disgrace opens

The gate to Diabolus,

Ruler of hell and

Conniver of mortals,

Dragging them into

Swirl of crime,

Breeding degrading

Habits and demerits,

Slaying honor

By enticing slander,

Stealing innocence

By odious scandal,

Infernal foe,

infecting the zone

Of gainful virtue...

Through and through

And through hardened,

Black-hearted mortals!


Fend off the foe

With prayer fiery

Devotion to the One

Who will crush his head!

As the one who prays

In the state of Grace

Horrifies the rebel angel;

One who prays in the state

Of Sanctifying Grace

Is victor unfailing...


Parry the fiends

With pleas to Deus,

Leader of Angels...

And the Fairest Queen,

Whom the infernal

Dragons fear...,

Call on Our Lady -

"The Door of Graces",

Most Merciful,

Victorious Mother!

Unshaken Assister,

Protectress and Mistress...



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Jennifer Loring on June 13, 2012 at 7:10 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, Beautiful verse, morally instructive how to live and defend ourselves against the enemy by turning always to the Mother of Christ for intercession and to St. Michael for protection. I particularly love the line: "the one who prays in the state of sanctifying grace is victor unfailing." Great poetry!

(comment from PoemHunter)
Allison Freeman on June 13, 2012 at 7:03 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, A poem of extremely beautiful honor to "Our Lady of Graces"... the "Leader of Angels and Fairest Queen". It is not often enough we find such writing giving due homage and respect to Our Savior's Dearest Mother. May Our Heavenly Father and Mother bless you beyond measure. Thank you for making my day more spiritual.

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