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Pro-life news updates can be viewed daily from LifeNews.com with kind permission from Matthew, secretary of Steven Ertelt, Editor and CEO of LifeNews. This is one of the best sources to find the top U.S. and International stories about daily events in the Pro-Life movement.

It is highly recommended that you join LifeNews.com and be able to read the entire stories day by day as they happen. Steven and his crew are excellent reporters, and give us the truth about what is reality and what is fiction in the daily news throughout the world.

When LN appears after the articles here on Christian Works, it has been adapted from LifeNews and full credit should be given to them for their work.


Saint Michael the Archangel Organization

P.O. Box 41257

Memphis, TN 38174



Patrick Benedict coordinates this wonderful organization that arranges Pro-life Novenas for Unborn Babies, Special Holy Masses for the Unborn, and National and International Holy Rosaries to be prayed for the protection of unborn human persons. Please go to Patrick's site to see that latest prayer campaigns for the preborn.








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