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Unable to endure ambiguity

Is dead set to define, categorize,

Commit assault, commit a crime -

The crime of "fixing the limits of..."


Unfit to confront double entendre

Innuendo and delectable equivoque

Dives into settling and fixing matters

In accord with its tight cerebral space

Fearing its mental death, losing face


Impotent to withstand doublethink

Fervently puts a label, a price tag

On everyone and everything,

Dreading its own conceptive failure


Unable to outface mystery and uncertainty

Perpetrates endlessly mental dishonesty

Deforming, delimiting, blotting out...

Mutilating, injuring and desecrating...


Inept to come to face with...

Inept to look in face of...

Inept to outface it...

Is steadily defacing...

Just to keep up its "face"...

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Lester on June 26, 2012 at 11:15 AM said:


Dr. you have a sharp as a whip wit! Know a lot of folks who fit this category... skillful in deforming, mutilating etc. Last stanza is cleverly hilarious!!!
I agree they need A SPIRITUAL FACE LIFT!!!
God bless... Les & family

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