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Gasping soul

Knows nil

With no zeal

Of scanning

Its chaos

And division;

Knows nothing

Of the Mind

And Hands

That made it,

The Heart

That sustains it...

Till grasping

Its murky land...

Chew over

Self-created hell...

Than settling for

Illusory victory bell.


Still, sin can

Be a teacher;

Heart penitent is

A valiant heart,


Humble disposition

Is unfailing position...


"Repent or perish!"

Ditch thirst nightmarish,

Mud of deceit,

Putrefying hand

Of power and greed,

Comatose sense,

Muck of offense,

Soulless force...

Betroth balsamic,

Farsighted remorse.

Rebuff all wrong

To be...

Deathlessly strong.

Defeat swamp of deceit,

Trashing corrosive lies,

Banning fiendish crimes...

Spurning spiritual aridity,

Being gallant complier

To refreshing...

In high favor - servility...


Lands weedy,

Grounds rocky

Cannot bring Home

Wealth of sustaining,

Golden grain...

In spite of

Glistening Sun

And sheets of rain.

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Mark Markus on June 4, 2012 at 7:17 AM said:

Doctor, YOUR WORDS SET THE SCREEN ON FIRE!!! They are like an avalanche pushing away all evil desires! We all must chew over self-created hell since we are ourselves our greatest enemies! I've got the lines stuck in my mind "repent or perish, ditch thirst nightmarish etc" Just LOVE it! You are fiery & effective in putting people on the straight and narrow road... Dr. in my entire life, I've never encountered powerful and meaningful writing as this, and neither has my wife Dawn (she made me read your poetry and for once I'm glad I listened to her!). What a fabulous find!!!

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