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Wingless beings...

Spiritual shrinkers?

Unwitting quitters?

Unrefined thinkers?

Vain boasters

Speaking of "truth"

They lack

Despisers of His Truth

In a prison ship

Deeming "wicked"

To be hip.


Unsophisticated minds

Gathering hopeless,

Nihilistic "finds."

Naive optimists -

Without His Right Arm

Retaining pointless,

Superfluous harm.


Hearts bleak

Lukewarm, frozen

To Love vast and deep...

Battling divine reference

With unsightly glove...

Still, hovering over you

All-knowing, blazing Dove...


Secular impulse fails...

His Truth burns with might

Lightening all murky trails

Dismal shadows and night.

Winds capricious, craze changeful

Cannot seize enduring power...

The fickle and shifting

At the end, can only devour.


His Truth Saving...

Changeless, Enriching

And Consoling Force...

Still, over you... radiating Dove

Thirsting for overdue remorse...


Moral Teacher of society

Starving for morsel of bread...

Thirsty for hardy sobriety...

Hungry to feed... made one fed...

Still, hovering over you...

The days just add...


Without His Truth Redeeming

Goodness Liberating

Love Illuminating...

What's left?

But a victim of theft...

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Yoonoos Peerbocus on May 9, 2012 at 9:44 AM said:

[what's left...] a deep survey on the secrets of life...
its structure/ pleasure without vice/ and lowly attraction... the very stuff of advanced poetry.

(comment from PoemHunter)

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