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Cannot know my agony

For there are wounds

That are never communicable

And, your recurrent beam

Betrays a heart

Unremorseful enough

In self rapt, rather irrevocable


Cannot know my anguish

For torture like this

Remains rather immutable

While, your insistent prop

For those who allow this crime

Reveals a mind

Il-advised, vastly despicable


What slays conscience


Impartibly assassinates


And, the sacrosanct soul



Only earnest consenters

To inerrant will of God

Merit solemn claim

To closest lineage

Earn unabating

Devoted thought


Slaying pre-born child 

Subjecting offspring of God

To deviously wild

Callously beguiled

Monstrously devised plot

Is condemned souls' fraud!


"Abortion is the greatest threat to the future security of mankind" - Blessed Mother Teresa


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Dorothy Kardas on May 29, 2016 at 2:07 PM said:

Dear Marnie L

Thanks for your kind & considerate words which are eternally valued! It is inconceivable that abortion - this diabolic barbarism still occurs. Sadly, there are countless dead souls around us - capable of committing or supporting such atrocities! More self-sacrifice & prayer are needed to eradicate evil. Before writing, I ask the Holy Spirit & the Mother of God for help. Praise be the Holy Trinity! With all blessings & eternal love...DK
Marnie L. on May 27, 2016 at 4:27 PM said:

Thank you for such powerful stance against abortion. These are the times I read and reflect upon the unborn baby and the horrible things that are being done to them. Your works site really is the best I have ever read. Each piece of a work is straight from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God bless you and everyone who reads these words. ML
Dorothy Kardas on June 16, 2014 at 6:25 PM said:

Dear Johanna,
Most grateful thanks for thoughtful and considerately delivered comments which offer blessed comfort and afford hope. All glory to all-merciful God! Millions of innocent victims (preborn and born) are in the hands of monsters - barbarically tortured and exploited, and shockingly too many in our society are either not sufficiently troubled or involved in eliminating completely those monstrosities. Certainly, that kind of moral apathy is absolutely foreign to being a true Christian. May we provide unswervingly and persistently aid to those who are at our mercy. Wishing you and your loved ones abundant treasures from the Sacred Heart of Our Savior. Love - DK
Johanna on May 23, 2014 at 11:18 AM said:

Very touching title, and a very powerfully written poem for the tiny victims. Thank you for all the soul stirring works on this site. We have been truly enlightened and ever grateful for having read the messages that cascade throughout these pages. Our thinking has surely been shaken and minds stretched to the limits pondering over the truths rediscovered. Praise the Lord, for He has given us a new perspective through your marvelous works. Many blessings to you and yours.
Dorothy Kardas, Carolyn Johnson on October 7, 2013 at 4:38 PM said:

Dear J.J. Henley,
My sister and I are eternally grateful for your thoughtful and kindhearted message, as well as reflective and encouraging words about pro-life work. Thank you for this joyous and heartwarming experience. Unfortunately, on our site we do not have a feature that would inform us of new comments, (usually once a month I check for any comments) and therefore I respond with a rather long delay. BTW regarding books, we will gladly mail copies to you directly as a gift for your birthday. Please, provide your address (in Australia?) on the contact section. Wishing you superabundance of God's Grace on your birthday and always!
May God bless you and your loved ones with infinite gifts of His boundless Love... DK & CJ
J.J. Henley on September 9, 2013 at 9:00 AM said:

Dr. Kardas I to me a true Pro-Life Hero. There are poems here I wish everyone could read and learn about what abortion really entails...two human lives and souls. We recommend her poetry fans to read the essay, "Sacredness of Life" written under the essay section on this site, and by all means don't miss the Pro-Life section written by the co-author if the site, Ms. Johnson. One has so much to learn and so little time. I am positively looking into tracking down the books listed here. (Maybe my family will get the hint of what I want for my birthday coming up soon!)
Dr. Kardas, all your poems and written work deserve the very highest praise. You really know how to get a person's attention and hit the matter straight to the heart and brain! Cherrio from down under...J.J.
Dr. Nate Judson on November 16, 2012 at 4:24 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, We've put so many of your poems on our favorites list, that it seems they all should be there! Thank you for your passionate concern for the unborn. Your vivid descriptions and poignant words are indeed a befitting tribute to lives lost due to choice. We all have the right to life but only few people see it that way. Unfortunate for the tiny innocent babes, your words are so very touching and true. God bless you, The Judsons

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