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Losing sight of the consequences and cost

(Couldn't care less...)

For the voiceless who need mercy the most...

Since political course and run are at stake

Ignorers of undying, Sacred Commands

Evaders obstinate of obtainable, omnipotent Grace

Intellective invalids - unaware?! of their own disgrace;

In the company of perverted sense of justice

Phony awareness of true greatness and fairness,

Lacking spiritual validity,

Idolizers of mindless, self-seeking servility

To made up political activity,

Flying in the face of lone Verity.

In need urgent of the only Sacred Inspirer

To awaken the deviating, haywire

Self-promoter, self-admirer.


Laws that exclude the unborn defense

For violation and desecration heinous...

Can all cooked up policies make ever amends?!

Butchery scandalous of the vulnerable and innocent

Is as perilous as radioactivity - hellish barbarity!

Bit by bit poisoning entire humanity.


Petitioners unpromising,

Incorrigible minds to govern the nation

While lacking befitting - sacred preparation


Untrustworthy as parasites,

Open to vast suspicion

For unthinkable - indefensible commission

Unmoved by the innocent blood...

Open to accusable - reprehensible error

Plugging up ears to cries of

The most helpless terror...

Deaf, yet pretending to be all ears,

Lacking Faith altogether

For failing any Sacred Decree...

Cannot usurp credibility... nor civility...

And, deem themselves as

Members of the household of Deity.


Unenlightened by the light of Faith,

Indisposed to hold of import position

Sacrificing Doctrines Holy

For fancy-bred political acquisition.


Not reverential fearers of God!

Betraying Him in the place of work:

In attraction to risky game,

Losing good name;

Betraying Love day after day...

In doggedly betraying the Living God,

Heedlessly deceive their hope...

Without the pull of

The all-knowing, all-healing Grace,

Go the rounds on corrosive orbit,

Out of control breed notions morbid...

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Dr. Nate Judson on November 7, 2012 at 3:18 PM said:

Deeply insightful, straightforward, clear, and always presented with verve. With our sympathy for the next 4 years in the US. Your poetry reveals the reason we left three years ago and glad we never returned. But, as your work gives us hope, that good shall be made from the present situation for only GOD is in charge - with our love and prayers always... The Judson Family

(comment from PoemHunter)
Sister Anne Michael on April 22, 2012 at 11:37 AM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, Presently, I am assigned to help the Poor
Clare Sisters in Europe. They suggested I read some of your great work for Our Lord on this site, and I am truly amazed at what I've been reading. You are excellent at hitting the heart of the matter with spiritual messages. It is quite evident all your work let's Christ's Light shine through. God bless you for your stance on abortion - an atrocity beyond all words for mankind. We send our prayers to all who support the cause to save innocent babies from slaughter. We also are very grateful someone of your stature is writing about God's Truth and Sacred Laws. God bless you and your work. I am suggesting everyone who reads these poems add their name to the list so as to have a signed petition as a message that Christians do stand together and support life and Truth. Best wishes Dr. Kardas. Forgive any errors please, English is my second language. Love in Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour,
Sister Anne & Community

(comments from former Christianpoetry.org)
Terri Fischer on April 22, 2012 at 11:20 AM said:

Just adding a note to my friend Carrie's message. We just read the poem again with the comments and are totally ready to join you in a PRO-LIFE AMERICA Campaign. We decided to make our Bridge Club the starting point. This workplace is not a "baby-safe" place... if you know what we mean. We promise to get out the word through your eloquent poems, then move forward. Wish you the best, you seem like the kind of Christian Warrior we need to get these stirred up around here. Thanks... Terri and family
Carrie Anne Green on April 22, 2012 at 11:12 AM said:

All your poetry is very exceptional. I've gone through many emotions reading & re-reading the front page scroll, so I came here to leave a message under this poem because I admire your courage and TRUE CHRISTIAN stance, especially on abortion. Definately, I need to come back and read your work over again and over again. God bless you... I agree WE CANNOT DO ENOUGH TO PUT A STOP TO ABORTION! We need to ban together and get this new country leadership to reverse "the Culture of Death" into "Culture of LIFE!" NO other issue is MORE important than this!!!
Love, Carrie
lotsapowit on April 20, 2012 at 2:00 PM said:

Truth is, no matter what country we are living, this poem fits to a tee! We are indeed an "out of control breed." If we could only listen to God's Truth & carry out His Almighty plans, we'd never be in such a mess! Great poetry!

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