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Shouting freethinking beliefs,

unthinking of final destiny,

deny otherworldly healing

not granting time for vision divine


aid untold carnage of unborn innocents

espouse cursed perfidy, mutinous worldliness

mocking and treading down devout believers

not giving thought for the vision of God


contrive unnatural - diabolic "marital bond" -

doomed rebels; revolters against virtue and nature

race to still greater disgrace, and darkness beyond

not favoring with thought the flawless design of God


devise test tube - heinous creation of babes

treating them as bare matter for medical ends

spare embryos unfavorable - as "stuff" disposable;

as waste, trash, as slag landing in a garbage bag!


submitting to accursed, deadly vice and perversions

tarrying in cataclysmic storms of blindness

brutish, comatose in dehumanized wildness

a violent upheaval of heathenish gravity

ETERNALLY forsaken by God abettors of depravity...





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Fred and Ellen Nolan on May 9, 2012 at 4:39 PM said:

Dear Dr. Dorothy, this is a very powerful poem... If we are really true Christians, we ALL have to take up the fight against pre-born murder. Too many people just sit back and shake their heads, but never get off that chair and do something about it. Thank you for reminding us what Jesus expects of us... We sincerely hope all the readers and our fellow followers of Christ will heed the call. God bless you... You are really shaking up some minds out there. Our prayers will ALWAYS be with you as you continue your mission for the unborn. All your newest poems give us plenty to think about... and then let's take action! We pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us all and encourage us to fulfill our personal missions. Blessings, Ellen & Fred

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