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The guiding Star

Blessedly not afar...

Yet, ideal bit by bit

Falling on earth's crust,

Unhearing stones

Unmoved by Spirit's Gust...


Moment by moment dying

Inch by inch sliding

By flauntingly lying,

Dwelling on barren zone

Land ill-omened

Relishing ghoulish dryness

Instead of quenching thirst

From the Spring of Water Finest...


Breed hasty opinions

As ruinous minions

The heavenly bestowed gift

Used for demoralizing rift,

Swamped in vice throng

Smudged slope of right and wrong -

The robber of hope

In need of gallant rooting

To nurture abundant harvest -

Firm virtuous footing.


Deserting grasslands of life and love,

Life-giving, life receiving

Self-giving, grateful receiving;

On a haunting landslide of venal spree

A mainland, inland grievously un-free.


The radiance of self-sacrificing might,

A non-sexual self-giving,

Are - in the main - foreign to modern living,

Tender their resignation onto soft earth

Of paganized, secularized,

Technologized, vulgarized animation

Life-giving degeneration

Unborn life object-ification...

Depersonalization, to be eliminated!

Fiddled with, engineered...

For ill-willed gratification.

Ferocious onslaught on innocent life

Sowing grief, despair, avoidable strife.


The mushrooming perils

Of the liberal-minded,

Claiming all "truths" are defensible -

Myth of the wits and brains blinded,

Treacherous "season of unreason"

Epidemic of rust and dust cerebral

Gibberish  - cherished

Peddling lies - nightmarish...

Dig deeper - unredeemed...

Earthly sleeper...


Sightless as nocturnal creatures,

Becalmed in self-indulgent trance

As breathing weaklings' legless dance.

Blind, noetic suicide...

Unmatched giving met by the evil-eyed

Treading into quicksand of anti-morality -

Bloodcurdling casualty...

A horrifying, looming feel

Of Sodom, Gomorrah death-blow deal.


Does not body cry out

As the voice of the heart?

As sure as stars shine,

Today's heart is gravely marred...

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Dr. Nate Judson on November 7, 2012 at 6:09 PM said:

Your works are truly awe inspiring. Highly regarded by true poetmasters.

(comment from PoemHunter)
Ray on May 2, 2012 at 6:34 PM said:

Dear Dorothy, Thank you for this poem. I have to admit as a simple fellow, my random braincell has been greatly challenged... There were parts that leapt out at me and the colour of the language and thought patterns were intriguing. Such need there is indeed for the radiance of self-sacrifice, which is so foreign to this adulterous generation, (and often amongst Christians also) or as you describe it so well, "Of paganized, secularized, technologized, vulgarized animation"... Every blessing in Jesus, Ray

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