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Christians Failed to Vote in '08 & '12 !


   It was not too long after the election in 2008, that a research team of Christians investigated into the election results. Their findings are truly shocking and very disheartening. The data proves that if only 10% more Christians went to the polls to vote their conscience, Obama would not have been elected President of the USA. And yes again, the same story happened in 2012. Did we not learn our lesson about voting for LIFE?

   The fact remains, that every Christian and Catholic should be out at the polls voting in every election if they expect to change our country into a Culture of Life. Yes, every single vote counts as was proven in the voting study. Imagine, just 10% more votes at the polls... what a difference it would have made!

   Please, get to the polls to vote pro-life! It is our sacred duty to cast our votes according to Christian values and conscience. Remember, if you know people who are ill, hospitalized, homebound or in nursing homes, it is our obligation to make sure they can cast their absentee ballots in a proper manner. Volunteer in your own community to help all our citizens to get their votes counted for pro-life.

   To get rid of Obama Care and have our God-given religious freedom back again, we must vote out the Dems! Our country's future hangs in the balance between Good and evil. As Catholics and Christians we must save our children's future and most importantly our religious - God-given rights. It is very clear from the recent DNC, that we are now fighting the government to keep God in our nation and abortions out of healthcare.

  + Refer also to the section on Voting Responsibilities.

  ++ May God bless the USA!

+++To obtain your absentee ballot ask your Town Clerk (City Hall) to send you an application for the November 6th General Election. You will receive a form to fill out, send back and then a ballot will be mailed to you. Please remember your vote counts!  And the preborn count on your vote in this election - Do Not betray Jesus at the voting booths!


                                         Carolyn K. Johnson

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