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Habitual lies as repulsive flies

Stifling soul's trueborn cries...

Mounts of lies choking urgent cries

Paining, maleficent, mordacious lies!


Pure Truth is God - Despiser of lies

The Originator of spirit's insistent cries

Souls fragile treading routes unwise

Rejecters of Truth's soundest advice


Self-love - an obstinate, errant tyrant

The one chronically drunk with lies

Step by step inevitably, inwardly dies...

By strangling love, lends wings to demise


Shallow sighs for culpable, injurious ties

Pertinacious self-indulgent, self-promoting

Intemperate, damaging envy and gloating

Hiding behind menacing drapery of lies


Disfigurement of face...

Defacement of face...

Having no face!

Undignified, frightening

Baneful disgrace...


Trailing Father of lies

Ensnared by a deep-laid trap

Enslaver to nauseous lies' ties

Depending on volume, on size,

The soul, in effect, dies, dies...


Truth, as love is the sole beautifier...

Unchangingly recall this truth

Small or seasoned - obsessive liar!



Every moment in the search after divine Truth becomes a moment of death to the power of falsehood while each grave transgression against the Truth and embracement of habitual or serious lies and falsehood paves the pathway to spiritual death and perdition.



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Sharice on November 16, 2012 at 5:19 PM said:

Dr. Dorothy, Extremely important admonition - can't be stressed enough! How often we don't realize that even so called "white lies" offend God greatly - God, who is Truth! By habit of lying we gradually lose track of what truth is, and we indeed are spiritually dying. No Truth = death! Sadly, lies are a plague among politicians and in general in our society. Great insightful ending - love the unpredictable introduction of new insights!

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