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 Without God's Truth, which has supreme and transcendent importance, what is left, are deceptive versions of freedom, relativistic uncertainty, dubiety and skepticism, and hence there is no social conscience and sacred duties, social and political agenda serve selfish private interests, and the logic of perverted authority, which hold spiritually most devastating, and permanent consequences. Society that accepts as true, false ideas, perversely and "unlimitedly" wanting with no regard for the judgment of the Just and Omniscient Judge, regresses rapidly and eventually disintegrates. All societies invariably plunge into an anarchic deviancy becoming rootless, arrogant or cowardly mob of ruinous loggerheads without obeisance to Perennial Truth. For, when the notion of changeless or ultimate Truth, and thus the concomitant existing absolute moral values are denied or repudiated, there is not only an intellectual and spiritual chaos, but modern democracy turns into a totalitarian and arbitrary form of government exercising centralized or absolute control over all aspects of life - evidenced in such abominable symptomatic realities as cruel destruction of preborn life, euthanasia, assisted suicide, In Vitro Fertilization, surrogate "motherhood," contraceptive mentality etc., as well as, the economic reality or the market comes to be a subject of idolatry by being radically and erroneously unconstrained. Acts of will and choices are authentically free only when they are not conformable and servile to vice, errors and imperfections. The one who willfully refuses to follow divine and therefore unerring and limitlessly beneficial orders is in essence practicing disloyalty and disobedience to oneself, and by habituating in sin destroys charity, which inevitably results in a gradual destruction of spiritual life - death of the soul. The written output presented in this publication consists of poetic material intermixed with certain crucially important creedal, doctrinal, theological declarations, as well as, mystical and philosophical formulations on topics most pertinently related to apparent crises of the modern age.

***** (5 star) from Amazon.com (December 7, 2014 by RR) Tread of Death: Tragic End to Divine Favor; fourth book by internationally renowned Christian poet Dr. Dorothy K. Kardas

In the fourth book by internationally renowned and published Christian poet Dr. Dorothy K. Kardas, readers will discover more than seventy spiritual, bold and powerful poems and verses of rich vocabulary promoting Christian morality. The messages and wisdom regarding moral challenges, topics and crises of the modern age are enlightening and thought-provoking. Several of the verses address and advocate the pro-life Christian view. The book concludes with an interesting selection of excerpts from comments submitted to Dr. Kardas from readers around the world. As with Dr. Kardas' earlier books, Tread of Death: Tragic End to Divine Favor is a very appropriate resource for thought-provoking, serious moral reflection for individuals and Christian, philosophical, spiritual and higher education discussion and study groups.

***** (5 star) from GOOGLE

Tread of Death... is my favorite book so far. Enriching my spiritual life to the nth degree! Recommeded highly to read with a book chat club, or private family discussion of serious topics. Best religious book I've seen come out on how people kill their own souls. Read and weep!

***** (5 star) from BARNES & NOBLE (January 31, 2014) Superior Reading for every Christian!

There is a lot to learn about one's self, and this is the book to read. Very honest look at sin and what happens when we do not listen to the word of God. We loose our soul into darkness. Very well done, and we love the lay-out of this book. Plenty of note taking space that you will need when reading the entries. Recommended Highly

***** (5 star) from BARNES & NOBLE (Sept. 10, 2013) One of the best books I have encountered...

One of the best books I have encountered written bluntly and boldly about the consequences of sin. Frightfully vivid in its deliverance. Love the different styles of writing and the comments included. I love to see what other think beside myself, which by the way, everyone thinks this is a top notch choice. The author seems to be an expert in her many fields of knowledge and spiritual growth. We just loved it, and return to many sections over and over to find new meanings. Yet, its big message is... SIN causes the death of the soul, and if not repented will lead one to the netherworld for eternity. Great topics and views to discuss with family and friends. If you really care about someone who is in moral danger, give them a copy of this book. 

***** (5 star) from GOODREADS - Trevor E. (September 9, 2013)

Beyond superior! This book is for those who are serious about saving their souls for eternity! Spectacular in form and presentation.... SIN Taking a closer look at yourself and how you are looking in the sight of God. Doesn't look good? Then read this book and look up some of her other works. She pulls no punches about sin and where it leads to...


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Voice of Thunder by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.


"Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light" contends that modernity has increasingly evidenced formidable dethronement of higher meaning, depreciation of changeless values and weakening of the obligatory disposition of soul-searching and penitence. The Crucified God is the unequivocal and unsurpassable evidence of God's omnipresent mercy with humanity's continual culpability, and sympathy with human sufferings. Human beings neither can truly know themselves nor be genuinely prosperous, fortunate, and helpful to others if they fail to recognize the gravity of their moral frailties, or do not know errors of their ways. A human being remains fragile and powerless because of yearning for earthly, transitory and low-level goods. When the supernatural is disregarded, what remains is false optimism and that which is unnatural for without God, the absolute duty is unconceivable since there is nobody worthy of confidence to dictate an obligation and commitment. By abandoning the idea of Divine Power, human beings fundamentally wiped out the idea of human authority. It is thus unreasonable to cherish an idea of the infinite progress of humanity while refusing to believe in Infinite Good (God), or refusing to live according to divinely revealed ordinances and truths. And, to deny the reality and sheer dynamism of sin and wickedness is to surrender to it or accept it. The book argues that in the dominantly secular culture marked by false conception of greatness, corrupted awareness of justice, turning down divine inspiration, and adulation of monetary profits, the aspirants for lasting greatness must embrace the greatest deeds and effectuations of Christianity such as ascetic self-sacrifice, saintliness, denunciation of force and violence, and willingness to accept suffering for the edification and redemption of others. There is no such concept as "private salvation." One's salvation in order to be genuine is impartibly connected with helping others to be participants in God's infinite goodness, wisdom and love. "Voice of Thunder" - meaning "Voice of Divine Truth," both the poetic and essayistic parts are entirely based on divinely revealed Catholic Doctrine. It is an attempt not only to confront some of the societal and political evils, but also to affirm the means and paths in effectuating spiritual restoration - in all hopefulness - facilitating the dialogue, dynamic relationship, and union with the Redeemer of humankind. True triumph or progress of humankind is procured by acceptance of God's unceasing and unsurpable mercy; it is the summation of individual spiritual conversions and self-sacrificial actions rooted in the unerring guidance of Grace.

***** (5 star) Most Captivating Penning - from Epinions (March 14, 2013)

Pros: Best used for renewal of faith.

Cons: Really none. Just could not put it down. One must read it to appreciate it.

A book of religious awakenings presented in multi-form genre. Poetry is used to educate, revive, renew, spiritual mindset. However, the book cannot be justly described, one MUST live it. A definite work of art by a brilliant scholar. Essays present very tough to answer subject matter in a very easy way to understand. Very sound advice pops off the pages when you least expect it. Written in a very philosophical tone meant to be re-read and studied on a personal level to get the full benefit of the piece.

***** (5 star) Creatively crafted collection of super Christian poetry, quotes... (Jan. 25, 2013) BARNES & NOBLE

By G-Day

Creatively crafted collection of super Christian poetry, quotes and essays that address the sad state of modern living. Totally different scholastic approach and presentation, and an excellent source to re-read and discuss time and time again. Guaranteed, that this is a top notch book and recommended reading if you want to refresh your spiritual side.

***** (5 star) Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light from Epinions (Jan 25, 2013)

Pros: An excellent resource for personal spiritual growth for Christians everywhere. Timeless wisdom indeed!

Cons: None to share, except we'd love to see more of the author's quotes.

This book is a treasured part of my home library, we have had the pleasure of discussing the poetic beauty of its contents in our Religious Literature class. One can not even imagine the diverse styles of poetry contained within these pages. It is so unique, everyone will learn so much about writing, as well as about themselves by reading it. It certainly follows every guideline set up by the Church, and also, it is indeed a masterfully written account for our moral conscience. As well, this excellent Pro-Life Christian book includes enlightening essays that also challenge our intellect and soul.

***** (5 star) TRULY CLASSIC - TOP SHELF from Amazon.com (Nov. 12, 2012)

By Geraldine D.

This book is written with classic "Old World," - "European Masters' Flare", not the ordinary, tedious, flowery rhymes you might expect from the genre: poetry. It's God's Truth from top to bottom, beginning to end. All moral issues are presented in bold and serious style, with dignity and finesse. Love the suspense of where the next thought will lead me. Unbelievable that so many entries were written in a different style! Just loved them all!

***** (5 star) BEST ASSIGNMENT I EVER RECEIVED! from Epinions (Nov. 02, 2012)

Pros: We find that all the work is based on Biblical Truth, Scripture matches the entries.

Cons: Not for Kindle/Nook. Bring more of author's work to site.

I enjoyed reading the Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light to the extent that I ended up sharing it in our poetry circle. The way the author writes her work of art is just completely so unique, that we all agree it must be inspired by God. Every line and stanza, every essay and quote is to be pondered over deeply and sincerely. We agree that just by reading this work, we have changed dramatically on how we view this life. Bravo to the author who is so brave and dedicated to God's Truth. Hauntingly written, to stay with your heart and soul.

***** (5 star) Great Discussion Book from GOODREADS meant-to-be-read-and-shared (Oct 1, 2012)

Recommend reading all essays and every quote, very skillfully crafted. Many readers say they can relate so well to each poetry stanza, that they can not put the book down once they start reading. Not recommended to buy on Kindle or Nook. You will need this book to read seriously and return to passages frequently. Thus, we find the hard copy is essential.

***** (5 star) FOOTSTEPS TO LIGHT from Amazon.com (Aug. 19, 2012)


I love The Voice of Thunder. I am not a religious person per-say and I normally don't read religious books. I like to keep an open mind. When I started to read the poems in the Voice of Thunder I just could not put it down. Not all of the poetry related directly to me, but many did. They opened a door to my thinking that is new and refreshing. It made me think of how I am living my life and how I could better my ways. Thank you for this great easy to read Footsteps to Light.

***** (5 star) Words of Wisdom to Shake Your World! from Epinions (March 2, 2011)

Pros: The book is well documented, and the essays are superb.

Cons: Wish the author will write more of her own memorable quotes.


Reading The Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light has positively changed my life. Dr. Kardas, the author, is a very bold, truthful, and brave soldier for Christ. I can think of no better way to unfold God's Truth than to read her poems and essays. The author has a convincingly strong argument in every line of her work. It may be a challenge at first, but the deeper you get into the messages, the more your spirit is changed - uplifted, saddened, horrified yet can't get enough because you know there is truth from Above in every message. The author has a wealth of knowledge and good common sense to share, as she is obviously genuinely concerned about the plight of each single soul. Don't delay, immerse yourself for a journey you won't regret. Another must read book by Dr. Kardas is The Gaping Door: The Search for Truth and Love. This book reads like a text manual, very well written and again convinces the reader from page 1 to the powerful end. Poems can be found everywhere on-line!

Review from Betty F. from BARNESANDNOBLE.COM

***** (5 star) Best book we've ever read of its kind. A Christian wealth of knowledge in multiform presentation of superior quality and delivery. God's Truth "brought to life" on every page and every moral issue. ALL thumbs up on this one! (posted 2012-02-15)

Testimonial from LOORE.COM

Dr. Dorothy Kardas' books, "The Gaping Door: The Search for Truth and Love" and "Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light," are the best Christian/Catholic books written on the market today. Many of her readers can testify that they have been spiritually uplifted and genuinely helped by just reading the books and her poems online. Yes, it will change your life if taken to heart. Dr. Kardas is truly a soldier for Christ's Truth and reminds us to seek only Him for our salvation, and beg the help of His Dearest Mother, Mary. Don't miss a word, all info is online through google & twitter. Thanks, for your compassionate loving heart & care for poor souls. God bless you, Dr. Kardas... you are a classic for our generations to be. (posted: 2011-07-28)

***** (5 star) Sample Review by Rick from TOWER.COM

Super Book for Moral Education (March 14, 2011)

***** (5 star) Chuck full of vital spiritual soul searching... expertise way beyond the average philosopher. Highly recommended for Christian group and family discussion. Red hot topics presented in poetic and essay form... unbeatable!

Review from Google

***** (5 star) Karla gives this one all thumbs up! Quite a different book from "The Gaping Door"... but the author has mastered how to get her message across in multi-genres. Love the tougher than nails poetry quotes & essays. Very well worth the read and keeper on the bookshelf!

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Gaping Door by Dorothy Kardas, , Psy.D. Th.D.


"The Gaping Door: The Search for Truth and Love" argues that the chief illness, which causes the greatest disorder and affliction of any age is straying from truth and love; it is to deviate from the unchanging - divine truth; it is the insensibility to be unconcerned or insufficiently concerned about our "personal eschatology." Without the quest for truth, which is inseparable from the quest for love, our existence becomes pointless, comfortless and beset with perils for neither felicity nor safety can be ensured by believing in falsehoods and abiding in untruth or half-truth. Disbelief in God robs one from the incentives for moral and educational betterment, from passionate aspiring, from esteeming the intellectual power, and more importantly, deprives one of the need to love. The power in accordance with which everything exists, preserves its being and is conceived, is the power of God, and human life is regarded as a supreme gift and act of God's dynamic, creative and inimitable love. Without God - without the existence of ultimate truth and love, there is no possibility of being perfected and hence, there can neither be prospect of true progress nor true being. This book offers a compelling reasoning for the existence of God (i.e. the existence of Immutable Truth and Love); it presents the "ethics of holiness" as the unequivocal way to get light on truth; it describes the process through which human reason can be perfected and employed properly in attaining true knowledge; it discusses the existence of evil and some of its functions, and the necessity and meaning of suffering; it examines the conception of true greatness - true dignity of the soul; it explores extensively the concept of genuine love - being viewed as our identity, dignity and fulfillment of our destiny, the ways to know and experience this truth and love, as well as, it discusses the Mother of Mercy, divine mercy - the supreme and unfathomable God's love - God who wishes not only that each human person has share in His divineness but also provides humanity with perfect ways to know His Absolute Truth and Love. It is challenging and stimulating thinking in areas of human freedom as opposed to true freedom, contraception, abortion, spousal love, and other critical issues facing real seekers of truth and the wider culture. As such, this work is intended for those spiritual aspirants who are willing to unmask illusions in their lives in order to find deeper meaning and fulfillment, and thus serves the needs of adult believers and unbelievers of all ages, and all walks of life. This work is a relevant and cogent integration of scientific, philosophical and theological topics investigated and explained for the lay readership with clarity and practical application. "The Gaping Door..." has not only edifying appeal, but it is also comforting - being intended to nurture the readers' intellective and spiritual awareness and perfectibility, and as such being also an implement in ensuring authentic - lasting contentment and blessedness.

***** (5 star) The best book to keep in your go-to library from Barnes & Noble (August 28, 2014) By Salvadore

TThere are so many chapters that I keep going back to over the years to not only help myself, but also help a friend in spiritual distress. Timeless and essential for every person's soul searching.

***** (5 star) Excellent Religious Reseach Book from Tower Books (Oct. 9, 2012) By Anastasia

This book is written on a very intellectual level, a challenge in philosophy and theology which I just crave. Starts out with scientific existence of God and follows through to the last chapter. We especially enjoyed the chapters on suffering and God's Love and Mercy. Recommended for all adults education of morals in light of Christian Faith. Related Products - Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light also is written in different genres by the same author. Outstanding reading for all. This author is not afraid to deliver God's Truth.

***** (5 star) from Google

A great text for philosophy blended with science and theology. You may need some dictionary help with this one, but the message is well worth the search. After all, this book uniquely argues and proves the existence of God and the Supreme Sacrifice of His only Son, for our salvation. This book is a teacher of Truth. Recommended highly for studying closely. A+++

***** (5 star) Praises for "The Gaping Door: The Search for Truth and Love"


The Gaping Door... is THE BEST book written in decades. It combines psychology, philosophy, religion, and ethics to explain the sad state morality has become in our society... Very well documented... and SUPERBLY written... Leaves NO questions unanswered. It is the duty of every Christian to read this book... take it to heart... The soul you save may be your own.

Reviewer: A reader (San Diego, CA) 

UK Review of "The Gaping Door: The Search for Truth and Love"

Truth Evolution of the Soul, Heartbeat of Intelligence, Immortalist Manifesto, Geography of Enlightenment.

***** (5 star)  Need your Faith to be "kicked up to notches unknown?"

Dr. Kardas' work challenges the intellect, lifts the spirit and revives the soul... readers will find themselves returning to certain chapters many times, not only for its content but for support and comfort. My Christian friends, family and I highly recommend this book for people of all ages from all walks of life who are sincerely searching for Truth and Love. It deserves a galaxy of stars!

Reviewer: A reader (The East Coast) 

***** (5 star) Christian Warrior for Truth, someone who wants you to be saved.

Reviewer from Barnes & Noble.com

***** (5 star) Are you willing to accept God's Truth?

This is a very well written and documented book about God's Truth & His Loving Mercy. There can be no arguments found against the author's presentation of facts based totally on Catholic Doctrine. It is a MUST READ for all Christians.

Reviewer from Barnes & Noble.com

Review from Google

***** (5 star) This is a super book to read about our spiritual journey on earth. Recommended for serious adults finding their way home to God. Sharing this book has been a pleasure, nothing but compliments in return. Take time reading every page and give yourself time to enjoy the journey to Truth and Love. A winner in the Christian world.

Review from Google

***** (5 star) A well written, scholarly book leading souls closer to God's Truth. We simply loved it!


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 Divine Gage by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

 To Purchase this book Please Contact the Author

"Divine Gage" is, for the greatest part, a collection of christian poems written with an empathic confrontment in order to more fully grasp the inward nature of things or spiritual dimension of life, often penned with a certain dose of amusing quality; it is a resolute defense of perennial truth and love against the infidels; a hope filled poetic output in spite of the dramatic representation of the continuous battle between the forces of darkness and the power of love, evincing an invigorating sense of intellectual and spiritual honesty. This work of over 70 pages contains essential spiritual reminders, and some of the author's original theological and philosophical formulations on affliction, divine will, evil, and reverence for life. It is a God-loving and God-reverential poetry.

***** (5 star) Review from Google

This is a great little book of wisdom, very clever writing, and definitely to have in the Doc's collection. Out of print, but available on certain web sites. Valuable spiritual advice in rhyme. Gotta love it!

***** (5 star) Review from Google

This may seem like a little book but is bursting with gems of wisdom. Got this one from a relative who got it years ago. It is out of print now, but, copies are still around. I strongly suggest you find a copy for your library. The author is now everywhere on google and has many other awesome works out there to enjoy. Good luck in finding this treasure!





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