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(Must Die To...)


Would you lose

Life for me?

Step beyond

Barren region

Of self-thinking,

Give a walkover

To self-rule?


Would you die

For supreme virtue?


Would you meet

Death for me?

Guiding others

To bountiful ground,

Searching for

The gone astray

Until found?


And, subdue

Wishes to highest

Rule of Truth?

Curb instincts

For noblest purpose?

For the other -

Sweating blood...

Reaping crop

Of favors flood?


Be tested devotee,

A pleasing gift for Me?

Always eager for

Heroic gesture,

Piously self-giving,

Dying while living...

Living by reason

Of regally dying...

Dying for The Undying,

Living because

Of dying for Me?


Would you lose

Life for Me?


Sacrifice oneself

To unfailingly

Protect me?

Be creedal devotee

To Immutable Thee?

Fully sacrificing

Altering, shifting "me"

For the unchanging

Infinite Thee?


Would you die for me?

Be virtuously self-giving,

Not giving to get pleasure

Using me as mere object

In vast measure?

Not crushing our

Shared, sacred dignity,

Partaking in destined

Full blown felicity,

Not deprive of Life

In intimacy strife?

Being set free

By loving Me...

And, die to thee,

To verily love Me?


Your not dying

Is less...

Worse and worse!

Than lying...

To love Me

Is to die to thee...


Would you lose

Your life for me?


Oh! The infinitival

Dynamism of love...

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Mary Lou on July 21, 2012 at 9:52 AM said:

Dr. Kardas, we enjoy reading all your poetic creations that are highly instructive and also comforting. However, this piece just completely blows our minds! One can ponder over its profound meaning for a lifetime! God bless and please, continue to share those spiritual jewels!!!

Jay Pappalardo on June 18, 2012 at 7:20 PM said:

Dr. Kardas, What can I say? I am speechless! This masterpiece summarizes artfully and wisely Christ's call for love... for sacrifice... for self-denial... for all that is holy... HIS CRY ON THE CROSS! Thank You Jesus! And, thank you Dr. for shaking my consciousness to its roots!

(comment from PoemHunter)

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