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Dwellers in wilderness pathless

In daily grind in plight hapless

Gone from Home... luckless...

Rooted in homelessness...

Befouling the Ocean purest

Of Perennial Truth

With toxic sludge

Of ungodly notions...

Poisoned sooner than

Taking joy in breath of Life,

Silenced... earlier than

Enjoying gifts celestial...


Oh, how I despise

Modern ungodly thought!

"Reality" without God?!

Despise - heedless,

Irreligious advice!

Dechristianized, faithless,

Profane frivolity!

Periphery of pointless,

Fruitless insanity,

Hunting for flash of "reality"

While lacking the fuel

Flowing of charity...

Without searching

For the Bedrock of God

Is to chase and follow naught!


A "home" of man without God -

Air-drying itself lavishly

In its decreed futility,

(Overall sterility...)

In the service of "tolerance,"

Sacred Christian Creed

Is all but with awe decreed...

(and tolerated)

The voice of

Virtue farsighted - violated!

Instead the chasm between

Right and wrong elucidated,

The dichotomy foolish

Of "left and right"

With serpent's tooth elevated;

And, wisdom ageless

Of innocence and purity - denigrated?!


Despise secular advice and thought

The "minds" that self-importantly fob -

Proud, as a peacock, mob...


Words! Rise above the merely literary!

Deeds! Surpass the ordinary!

"Words" - the would be - "swords" -

Of all eras are a contemporary...

Disbranching, chopping,

Uprooting serpent's plot!


Bask in the light of virtue and Verity...

Feed on verdant pasture of charity...

Tearing down sky-high mount

Of brute acts of iniquity.

Is there not an illumination

In earthlings' absurdity?



"Everyone who is of the Truth hears My Voice" - John 18:37


Our Redeemer brings us the Sword of Truth - "the cutting edge of Reason and Love."

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Jessie Owen on May 25, 2012 at 10:41 AM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas,
Just to add on to John's message...
We love your pungent punches to battle the evils in this world. Your zest for life in Christ's Truth is MIND-BLOWING!
Every REAL Christian must have the moral fiber to stand firmly with Christ and His Laws; for ONLY then there is HOPE for the future. If we only trusted more in God's Perfect Mercy and Goodness...So tragic that countless souls (by their own choosing) will be damned forever!

We also love your staccato tempo of insights; no wonder you love to play Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude"...your words are like his music are "Revolutionary"!

We found the photo of you playing Chopin's music in the gallery by accident...we were all admiring the beautiful and touching photographs of Our Lord and Holy Mother holding aborted babies. After reading the description of Our Holy Mother of the Unborn searching for the bodies of Her dear children in garbage dumps and digging through the trash...it was just so emotional, we were sobbing.

The Pro-Life Shrines posted by your sister, Carolyn, are also very touching, again bringing many tears to our eyes.

God bless you both for your works on this beautiful site.
Jessie and family

Sebee and Tebee are just too precious!
John Owen on May 25, 2012 at 10:21 AM said:

Job of an Exorcist!
Dr.K talking about chopping Satan's head off! Your words ARE the sharpest guillotine! BRAVO!

"Reality" without God is Hell here on earth AND in the here-after. Always ends up in the destruction of souls and the joy of living. You've got a great arsenal of artillery with words and insights against the evil one and all those pagans & liberals that stupidly follow his evil tricks.


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