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Within each soul imprint divine... Baptismal dignity,

Radiating splendent light - the Life of Holy Trinity...

Life must ascend from waters of purgation

To virtuosity of sounds... of sky-high illumination;

The interior, high-priced bond with Glorified Unifier

Transformation glorious in the Light of one's life -

The night and day, ardent, blazing Fire...


The one who, as promised, reigns -

Professedly day after day holds firmly sway -

Is no other than the untiring servant of others...

Safeguarding out-of-this-world mental poise

By triumph of values rocklike, unshakable,

Captivated by loveliness of holiness -

Charity's life-giving drive and liveliness;

Neither can bear inner nor outer rebellion -

The hardnosed, heartless, secular hellion!


Infectious and towering is courage

Erected on rock of humility,

Virtuous valor - the martyrs' blood -

The seed of fruit-bearing Christians...

Saints - most trusted, endearing

And winning defenders, for their

Luminary and fire is the Glorified Unifier...


Conscience has rights only

Because of Sacred Duties...

Espousal of self-sacrificing deeds

Fostering harvest abundant for all...

The unquestioned, sacrosanct,

Awe-inspiring moral heroism,

In place of unawakened reflection,

Lethargic affection, and the shameless

Mushrooming of evil - the harsh darts

From the "tempter's" dark arts.


Belief in You... is unutterable regeneration!

Still, religion is not merely consolation;

A solitary exaltation, sealed off from

Bread of affliction or thorn negation;

Evasion of duty, self-exemption

Or hasty self-justification...


Faith remains crying for battle, a piercing Sword

For grandeur of Truth and Love enduring...

Neither bookish pedantry nor oversimplified religion!

Faith is a Sword - Undying Word - Triumphant Sword!

Severing, exterminating maleficent mass discord...

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lotsapowit on April 22, 2012 at 4:02 PM said:

A Knightly Cause...

Exceptionally well done argument. Brilliant and beautiful verse. You seem to be a very strong KNIGHT in God's Army armed with the gift of penning words like swords upon the soul.

(comment posted on Showcase)

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