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All Or Nothing...


Burning with quenchless thirst to be hastily "first"

While the mighty Wind relentlessly blowing

Over rocky grounds, thirsty lands

Verdant soils, potent seeds ceaselessly sowing,

Undying riches abiding in Grand Hands

While reckless spender refuses veracious growing.


Rights unwise, splendor of Love is not declaring,

Keenly welcoming the finery of service flaring,

The purest elation born from self-forgetting -

Lucid sign of the luxury of love begetting,

Bravery of sacrifice and self-denial is bearing,

Those magnificent garments insistently wearing.


While the evil one allures with perils of ambition -

The wrecker of grandeur of valor and honesty,

Falsely pledging to eyes untrained, still obtusely willing

Life frictionless, painless and hugely thrilling,

The lavish Hand invites to Feast on wholesome erudition

The banquet of unsurpassed fulfillment, glorious fruition...


To take delivery

Of this Light revealing

Relapse into silence

For love is not merely a feeling -

Rapturously appealing...

To take in this Gloriole endearing

Be still

In unbendable willing...


All-absorbing devotion

In self-serving commotion

Consigning to oblivion that

Famine spiritual

Comes to be ruin perpetual...

The pernicious bane, unfathomable...

The food unsavory, inedible...

Still, skies blue are convivial

Omnipresent and hospitable

Though often invisible...


The insatiable thirst

To be loftily "first"

The icon of rapacity,

Step by step famished

By toxic audacity,

Expandable vivacity,

Robotized by jazzed up jobbery

And unblushing robbery,

Incurably erring

A covering to conceal

Knavishly wearing...

Though moving fast

Is still dead last!

Hardened defrauder

Luridly uncaring...

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Fernando Reyes on December 15, 2012 at 8:02 PM said:

Without exaggeration Dr. Kardas, your poetry speaks to the masses beyond measure! We here at LBSU openheartedly congratulate you in your masterful poetic skills as they pensively reach out to the worldly to be penitent before their chances are squandered. Our words can merely be sputter, but sincere. Thank you for your Godly Mission 10+++++++++ AMEN!

(comment from PoemHunter)
Living for Christ on April 24, 2012 at 7:01 PM said:

Dear Christian Poetess,

You've managed to silence this longtime Churchman with your brilliance of poetic wisdom. I can only sit back and relapse into deep contemplation over your Christ-like posture. I can only say, I wish my sermons were 1/1000th the power of your poetic messages.

Taking time to read all and will comment when I can recooperate from my temporary amnesia!

What I have seen so far, I can only say that these selections are of Heavenly calibre... and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Sending you God's blessings, and thank you Dr. Kardas for your staunch stand for Christ and the Truth of His Light.

Rev. Chris

(comment posted on Showcase)

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