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Satanic Specialties


Practices flesh-creeping,

Heavy-handed offenses,

Cruel acts of devil incarnates

Shockingly exist... persist...


Hedonistic, impious times

Marked by hideosity of crimes

Comfortable, snuggest womb

Took form of bloodiest tomb.


To cease power of suffering or pain

The euthanasia curse, assisted suicide

Darkest deeds at the bedside - hide,

As cyanide - brutishly, callously applied.


Infernal contrivance - kill the terminally ill

The unnumbered "disabled," the unviable

The vulnerable, the "undesirable"

Dispensing deadly drug or pulling the plug.


Pandemic, fiendish "culture of death"

Robbing defenseless, pre-born lives

Precious infants and "crippled," sage elderly

Of vital force of heart-beat and breath.


Fathomless privilege of suffering and pain

Hastily, erroneously discounted as bane!

Frailty, infirmity of old age seen as an outrage -

Palpable, limpid signs - of taken ill - brain!


Unmake... the calamitous heartbreak -

Haunted, merciless killing outbreak

The clear-cut, spiritual self-slaughter

Of atheistic, indulgent, nihilistic coma -

The vile backslider, the fatal divider!

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Dorothy Kardas & Carolyn Johnson on September 7, 2014 at 8:21 PM said:

Dear Nolan Family,
What an immense enjoyment & marvelous surprise to hear from "old" friends in Christ! My sister & I are profoundly moved by your best wishes, absolutely thoughtful & considerately written message. Admittedly, we always cherish comments from our dear readers, & consider the readers & their comments Heaven sent - true divine blessings! Thank you for sharing info, prayers etc. from this web site, and therefore having a share & joy in bringing souls closer to Christ! BTW Your previous insightful comments are included at the end of my last book: "Tread of Death..." Re: the observation about the image & the style of writing - when it comes to protect others (and myself) from spiritual danger & evil, some of my friends with whom I closely associate refer to me as a "general" and my sister Carolyn calls me a "5 star general." I don't know whether this is true. All I attempt to do is to please and console Our Redeemer & His Holy Mother without whom, and constant heavenly help I cannot fulfill anything! May Christ's Gaze always graciously rest upon you all... With love -DK
The Nolan Family on August 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM said:

Ever so thankful for an old friend still hitting the beast square in its ugly face. Your new web site is phenomenal Dr. Kardas. We have been busy sharing bit by bit all the pearls of wisdom you have shared here in so many ways. Our best wishes for good health and stamina to pen more of your soul stirring, mind blowing gems...there are a lot of souls out there to won back for Christ. We LOVE the poetry, essays, quote, pro-life articles & photo gallery. Most prayers we have copied and used over and over. What an extreme pleasure it is to view your photos, honestly people have a hard time believing your image matching up to the tough work you write.
May God bless you and yours always.
Dorothy Kardas on May 27, 2013 at 5:40 PM said:

Dear Ricky and Friends in Christ... in Japan!
Thank you for the moments of true enjoyment brought about via your cordial, sincerely felt and kindhearted message. Have no doubts that I shall keep you continually in my prayers so that Our Redeemer may accord you abundant Grace to give testimony to the Gospel message, and by serving Him fill you with immense inner joy and peace.
May we be the continual presence of Christ, and instruments of His blessings to others...
With all blessings... in spiritual union with you all... Dorothy
Ricky in Japan on May 16, 2013 at 12:19 PM said:

I love reading your work Dr. Kardas. You make the mind reach for the sky. God Bless you for your strong pro-life stance. We totally are amazed at the way your words go straight from the heart to our puny brains! We love your tweets ... followed the link and found a treasure trove. Thanks! We are a small group of students studying in Japan and need to be close to Christian roots.
Dorothy Kardas on January 2, 2013 at 6:48 PM said:


Con eterna gratitud por su bondad... Soy solo un "ermitano en la mision de Dios." TODA LA GLORIA A DIOS!!!

Otra vez, muchas gracias!

Con amor cristiano... Dorothy
LBSU on December 14, 2012 at 9:57 AM said:

Post script to Poemhunter Messages:

We applaud you in unison for this magnificent web site
Dr. Kardas.
It really takes a dedicated disciple in Christ's League to make your readers so "ravenous" to savor each word and endlessly be ravished by Truth. God is truly within you and has given you a very diffucult, but meaningful vocation for which we are very thankful.
We will be systematically sharing this site after the break. EACH ONE OF YOUR ESSAYS ALONE CAN TAKE SEVERAL WEEKS TO DISCUSS.
Pennie Lister on December 13, 2012 at 6:09 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, This is a persuasive representation of a lost society with its greatest evils exposed! Killing and cruelty are so wide-spread that tragically many became completely desensitized to it! Conscience in our society is sadly dying & there is not much struggle for real justice, esp. for the defenseless!!! We love all you new poems, as always written with forceful and rousing forwardness. Thank you for your strong stand against those evils, for stirring & energizing our souls. God bless you & your sister! Love, Pennie & family

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