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(Disloyal To Cerebral & Spiritual Compass)


To Immaculate Garment cleave

So Dove chaste can never leave...

Too few are strictly molded as gifts

Gratifying, a world of good for others,

In its place reigns - ruthless rift -

Negating a death-defying shift...


Self-giving... far reaching away

From sole vocal preaching...

Unheard of, and dolefully missing

While, the snake in each corner

Each crossroad persistently hissing.


Self-indulgent, baseless logifying -

A substitute for odious vice - (not defying)

To ascend beyond worldly scheme,

Reaching shadowless hill...

Far from burden of self-will,

Disposing of: pseudo-kindness,

The slavery of fake humility,

Amorphous, nebulous notions,

Clouded by self-serving,

Convenient emotions...


To venture foolishly

Into realm beyond

Practical intellection -

Dwarfish cerebral scope,

Yoked to mutant predilection

Is failing to abide

In defensible hope...

And, holding

Scanty facts

Of Sacred Science...

The attempted scribble

Is just rubbish, lacking

Trustworthy reliance...

Limbless, brittle thought

Has no muscle to

Prime Mover's laud...

Sterile yet adorned thought

Exposing insolent "gunshot."



Unpromising inverter -

Full Truth denier!

Broken, patchy thoughts -

The heart is dying...

Pasturing on a lot


Dried out and




Less than a speck of dust...

Blissful End is bound to utter trust,

Yet, they cling to "valued" trash!

Which Hand Mighty shall smash...


Just polluted rags,

Die down!

Unabashed brags...

All at fault...

Carrying hogwash tags...

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Kaye Dudley on July 10, 2012 at 8:54 PM said:

Dynamite verse! First-rate faculty with words! When we don't seek to know the fullness of God's Truth, we are prone to distort God's Truth, believe a lie and live on spiritually dangerous ground that can gradually destroy our souls like a spiritual cancer. Great lines like: notions clouded by self-serving emotions. Thank you Dr. Kardas for using your pen so skillfully and competently in defence of God's Truth. We're waiting for more!! God bless you...

(comment from PoemHunter)
Beverly Hills on July 10, 2012 at 8:46 PM said:

Just magnificent... and sooooo true! Love the title, and the ending so shockingly on target. This is another masterpiece I'll need to encode in my cerebral space. I can honestly say, every word I read, I relate to personally and am grateful for your God given talent that reminds me of what I need to hear and work on. God be with you.

(comment from PoemHunter)

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