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Terrified by visible horror of abuse

Yet, deaden to pre-born bestial finalities

Interiority - piteously - in malignant disuse...

Arctic toward their unjust, horrid realities.


Christ's incessant call of love from the Cross

Jointly bearing in tiny bodies deviltry of abuse

Awaiting for pity in hearts tiny that is refused...

Freely, fully given love - monstrously "disused"!


To relentless, heroic Love's cry...

Impervious resisters of love's urging - die...

To persistent, demanding Love's cry...

Defiant promoters of pre-born murder - die...

To Christ's compelling, pressing cry...

Stony perpetrators of pre-born murder - die!


For no mercy with strings attached...

Is ever genuine love's match...

Can there be a true celebration of being alive

While favoring others' termination of life?!


Countless lives slaughtered!

Missions sacred unfulfilled!

What minds dark,

Hearts cruel can build?!

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Dorothy Kardas on November 23, 2014 at 3:03 PM said:

Dear Mindy Finn,
This act of kindness & favorable look at my work supplied a dose of special enjoyment & support for which I shall be forever thankful & gratefully indebted. The Spirit of God had guided me to your kind message this week - no doubt for providential purposes. Re: lecturing - in the past I had presented frequently in the Chicago area & in Massachusetts only on topics related to clinical psychology. Needless to say, theology is unequivocally and immutably superior and exclusively trusted science; being a science about God, taught by God and leading to God is in effect inseparably united with holiness of life - a spiritual journey, which in my case is just in an incipient stage. BTW in the future, I plan on preparing more audio & video recordings on various theological topics. Wishing you a bountiful portion in Christ's imperishable riches. With prayers in your intentions and love - Dorothy
Mindy Finn on October 28, 2014 at 6:10 AM said:

What a glorious site for Our Lord you've created! Every piece of masterwork leads us closer to Truth. Bless you eternally for protecting the unborn and attacking evil full force. We especially enjoyed listening to the audio lectures on sin, VERY POWERFULLY done on such an important topic. Everyone should read and take to heart every single entry and lecture you provide. Wish we could hear you speak. Do you do lectures, if so, where? Thanks for spreading God's Truth here. Love your style, you're a very special person indeed! Love, Min
Jim Sweeney on October 13, 2012 at 6:31 AM said:

Another soul stirring piece - how true that our actions and beliefs either foster good or evil. Supporting the evil of abortion is another example of a mortal sin - a dead soul! Killing or supporting the killing - both are mortal sins and offend God greatly! Thanks for educating our minds and stirring our emotions in the right direction! Great original techniques, persuasive styles and haunting insights!
Thanks Ms. Johnson for a very instructive and helpful pro-life info. All should read your section before the upcoming election! Valuable lessons on "The Kill Pill", contraceptives and voting responsibilities. God bless you both for your pro-life and christian works! We love coming here to your site. Jim and the clan

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