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(Heaven or hell)


In ploys set forward,

The foe never sleeps

Entices to grim murder

And, the helpless weeps...

Leads to perversity

While peccant want creeps.

The grave offender

Of the Sacred Victim

Whom on leash despotic

Satan keeps...


The fear-inspiring and

Inextricable phrase,

Spoken by Lips Blameless -

"Depart. I do not know you!"

For spurning sovereign,

Panacean Grace...


Steeped in fool's errand,

Going astray, slipping away,

In self-imposed haze,

The lifeless corpse -

The irreparable traitor

Time and again toiling

In murderous craze...


Doomed into minatory,

Ogreish fate -

Liars confirmed,

Deceivers diseased,

Deviants loathsome,

Murderers stony,

Abiding in zilch

Rock bottom hope

Lacking well-groomed -

Orderly love...


Bamboozled, foozled...

Failing the Only Test

Not stamped

With approval

No rest!


Bear in mind the final

Irreversible Words...

And, the redemptive,

Most lenitive Edicts,

For which Blood Divine

In profusion was shed...

For better or for worse

Savor Imperishable Bread.


Enduring Truth

Dutifully assist

Traps unceasing

Of the ancient foe

With iron-willed heart

Resist... resist!

In salubrious life persist,

On seraphic life insist.


Break off the wanton craze

Desist the tangled maze

Scornfully resist...

Assist His Lofty steps

Noon and night assist

At no time,

Innocent Eyes resist...


World fading cannot distract!

While savored verily,

Truth living, immortal

Steadily guides to holier

And still holier portal,

While sufficiently grasped

Can only attract...

Wholeheartedly attract.


The inextricable phrase:

"Depart. I do not know you!"


And, the Voice Ultimate

Now... loyally whispers:

"Come to sense,

Make amends...

Fix the gaze on Finish Line

So My plenty can be thine...

Forever separated from Me?!

From the old serpent

Take flight

Tenaciously flee!

Wrestle, fight

For the night

Can be bright."


"Depart. I do not know you!"




No... no... no!

Say no more...

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MonChere on May 16, 2012 at 11:46 AM said:

WOW, again I feel inadequate to give my meager words in appreciation. The poem says it all! It just doesn't get any clearer than this, and you say it so eloquently. I admire your talent to put down in so few words, a lifetime of wisdom. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO to all your readers' comments. We couldn't have said it any better.

Tweetie Bird

(comment posted on Showcase)

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