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Greatest Life-Giving Treasure


With no supernatural

Ways and means,

With no true bond

With the King of Love

In the all healing Feast

Of the Holy Eucharist...

Without supernatural

Stepping stones...

Lacking big-hearted deeds

And jewel of truth in speech

Sanctity of life is beyond reach.


Unattended Mass solemnity

And, not preaching Gospel

With unwavering fidelity,

Resisting action of ineffable Grace

Is like unattended wild fire,

Missing the only right desire -

Needing purifying Fire -

The needed Fire that inspires

The wholesome desires,

Having the omniscient power

To cleanse the feeble soul

From all marks of unsightly sin

And, capricious, stupid whim.


Stupidity is death-giving activity

Arising from unrepentant sin,

Defiant, wild masks and attires...

Unattended Mass sublimity -

The unbloody Sacrifice of Christ

May be one's final demise...

Ineffably worse than forgetting

To feed the body or respire;

It is to retire from sight...

From boasting of might,

Hiding from the Only Light,

Withdrawing from the single,

All-inclusive fight...

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Sister Anne Michael on June 10, 2012 at 9:59 AM said:

Dear Dr.Kardas, Absolutely an essential matter if we really want to be nearest (dearest) to Our Saviour. Another favourite for the Sisters! We Thank You Again.

(comment from Christianpoetry.org)

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