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To fail to set sights on the good which is highest

What debasing, and mortifying gamble

Is it not evil itself?

I get the feeling of sadness, my Lord...


To be pleased with soul's poorness

What spiritless weakness,

Same as holding in contempt

The beauty of

Much to be looked after trueness

Much to be fostered meekness.

I get the feeling of sorrow, my Lord...


To be a stranger to what is faultless

Being outlander to that which is spotless

Isn't it a housing for aches useless?

A shelter to struggles worthless?

I get the feeling of grief, my Lord...


To be gutless in allowing evil

To litter and pollute the soul

What a fabricator of false coloring and error

Shameful suppliers of evil in the world.

I get the feeling of mournfulness, my Lord...


To heed to gluttonous demons of the flesh

What enslavers of damaging baggage!

To turn to flesh - to hide in the flesh

To turn away from You, my Lord...

I get the feeling of stomach ache -

I get the feeling of heartache, my Lord...


Sin - the voracious thief

While there is no desire for what is just and right

There is for all time selfish - injurious greed

Sin - the voracious thief of joy and time...

I get the feeling of sorrow, my Lord...


Such a throbbing waste

Aching heart bleakness

Such a burning of the seat of thought

Incorrigible, unpersuadable? weakness


Dark fleshiness

Unsteadiness and unbefitting weakliness

Culpable unconcern

Culpable ignorance

Diffused complicity to evil

Diffused participation in error

Diffused complicity to terror...

Diffuseness of support to loss

Fertility of fatalities...

At what cost?!

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Fred T. on April 24, 2012 at 12:45 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, I had to take a moment to compliment you on your genius in poetry. Thanks for having the courage to tell God's honest Truth in such a brilliant and thought provoking way. This indeed, sad world seems to be overtaken by evil, thanks for reminding us that all can be conquered through Our Lord Jesus Christ. My family and I deal with so many people who seem to forget that through their actions (sin) that their loss is their immortal soul. They tend to forget that this is NOT their world... it belongs to God, who through His mercy created it for us. And what do we do in return with all His gifts??? especially His gift of life??? As a family unit, we try to remind everyone we come in contact with to REPENT NOW! Many will listen, yet they forget too easily Christ's message through Scripture... "GO, BUT, SIN NO MORE!" On this Memorial Day 2008, we salute you Dr. Kardas for being our reminder. Thank you again and God bless you. We will share your thoughts with others as we journey together to the ultimate goal.

(comments from former Christianpoetry.org)
Phillippa on April 21, 2012 at 11:56 AM said:

I am not clever enough to find the words to express my thoughts on this poem... but I will say that I think it is brilliant! All sin, small or big is evil, and partaking in sin deters us from fully experiencing the great and awesome power, grace and love of the Almighty Father. He is willing but our disobedience and love of worldly pleasures destroy us and keep us distant. A heart without God, without reverence and obedience is desolate indeed. There are only ever two choices - right or wrong, good or evil, God or the devil... Our actions reflect who we choose to serve each day. No questions asked - it is One or the other.

(comment posted on Showcase)
repenter86 on April 21, 2012 at 11:44 AM said:

I've been part of this site for a while, and I only stumbled across one of your writes only now! I loved this... no beating round the bush here, well said and frank to the bone.
A good reminder for everyone who reads... that at the end of it all... are sins, major or minor, really worth it? Thanks for sharing.
p.s. If that's you in your profile pic, let me just say, you look so like my Irish grandmother in her day... it's actually scary! (she was a beautiful and very famous actress from the Abbey theater, Dublin) so that's a compliment.

(comment posted at Showcase)
TwoPence on April 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM said:

A Fountain of Spiritual Wealth - Fertility of Fatalities Indeed!

I've been voraciously reading your pearls of wisdom on Twitter and have followed your trail to this site. Your works are embedded and seeded with great wisdom... enjoying every word and learning a great deal for there's a preponderance of provoking thought in every line. MUST find time to comment more often. Candidly, I find this poetry to be your great forte...Truthful, bold & blunt... just my style!
Blessings of comfort, peace & joy.

(comment in memoriam of my dearest friend from Australia - at Showcase)

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