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Lord, let me

Feel Your pain

Only then,

Hope is there...

End all that

Is not of Truth...

Humble me

To know Your reign.


Let me wash

Your wounds

With atoning tears

Caress gently

Woeful Head

Wipe Your Face

Aggrieved by sin...


Lord, let me

Savor Your pain

Only then,

I can see...

End all that

Is not of Light...

Cast me to be

One and free.


Let me suffer

Cross with You

Bearing It with

Faith and care

Caress gently

Woeful limbs

Kiss Your Body

Marred by sin...


Lord, let me daily

Taste Your pain

Only then,

Love is there...

Pain me...

Cleanse me...

To abide unstained,

Safe and sainted

In Your reign...

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Ray on May 1, 2012 at 5:06 PM said:

Dear Dorothy, This is a beautiful poem. The challenge to self is total. God's pain must inflict in us the fatal blow which brings "death of death." Your poetry forces me to think Dorothy... there are nuances of understanding come to me, like the fragrance of a rose... Thank you for the mental challenge of your writings but more so for the challenge to a life perhaps not fully given over to Christ as it might be. Your Friend, Ray

(comment from Christianpoetry.org)
TwoPence on April 30, 2012 at 4:41 PM said:

Striking Maelstrom of Prayer!

So beautifully formulated, makes one feel in the foyer of Heaven. Sometimes one has to fall into serious bouts of pain and suffering, to get to KNOW God a wee bit more. Keeping this one at my bedside. Thank you Dr.

(comment in memoriam of my dearest friend from Australia - at Showcase)

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