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Blind adorer of false gods

Reckless idol-maker

Money maker

Power or fame

Grabby taker

Habitual faker:

Capturer, asset-stripper

Calculating captor,

And manipulating actor.

Captive for being vainly active;

Trapped in vicious disorder

Marginalizing the One and Only God

Sinking deeper into

Uncontrollable religious deviation -

A member of irreligious civilization.

Captive in moral lack of order -

Enabler of society's nasty disorder;

A punisher, executing a sentence on oneself

Inflicter of one's own pointless pain,

For the sin of impiety

And idolatry insobriety,

One is ill-fated relinguisher of hope -

In desperate need for favors

Of the One and Only Worshipful God.

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cpsharma on April 23, 2012 at 5:58 PM said:

Your poem is a wonderful web of variations in modern imagery visualizing the plight in the mentally titled society seeking solutions in gross materialism setting aside the spirit. A very well penned poem.

(comment posted on Coffee Connection UK)
lotsapowit on April 20, 2012 at 7:02 PM said:

Idolatry? Yes, STILL ALIVE In the 21ST Century!

Another masterwork of poetical genius! Isn't it amazing how many millions of people out there right now have no idea that they are idolaters? I am so thrilled to read this poem and pass it on as a perpetual reminder of what we SHOULD be (followers of God) and what we actually are...grabby takers, money makers etc. Love the descriptions and fast pace rhyme.

As post note: Truly enjoyed my evening spent reading your work. I haven't enjoyed poetry this much in a very long time. God bless...keep penning out these great words of wisdom. I'll be searching for your gems and recommend them to everyone. A very grateful reader...good'ay Dr.Kardas

(comment from a friend at Showcase)

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