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Violation Of Orders

Reckless feet stepping into mud of lies

Jumping on ashes as unsettled flies

Sinking deeper into swamp of deceit

Creature of habit to treacherous conceit


Ugly tongue spewing words of malice

Unworthy to approach remedial Chalice

Frantic in self-interest, hauling in violent unrest

Headless, locking horns with ever futile quest


Neglecting ticking of time, sticking in rotten grime

Uncritical of self, seasoned indulger, slipping in slime

Unethical deeds proliferate as hindering, pesky weeds

Furious infranctions winding up in lethal attractions


Where are you heading wolf of misdeeds?!

In vain, sipping intoxicant to mollify misleads!

Skull spinning with spleen & envious rivalry

Have you forgotten the Agony of Calvary?!


Unbiddable ways, out of control, vicious means

Willful dislodgment from the House of the Master

As a mad dog moving swiftly into collusive disaster

Labor of crime, death-dealing end nearing faster...

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Mark M. on November 3, 2015 at 5:02 PM said:

Vivid analysis of losing one's head, one's heart & soul to the devil! It starts with lies, cheating, total preoccupation with selfish needs, addictions, & then trying to kill guilt with no success. Various crimes follow & human beings become indeed as mad, vicious dogs & wolves filled with rage & fury! There are so many among us, even their eyes betray that they serve the devil! Your expression is so original & captivating. Thank God for making you Doc a one tough-minded & caring lady!

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