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Glorious hypostatic union:

     God-Human -

Theandric nature of Christ


Abide indissolubly,

     Ever so majestically,

Esoterically intertwined!


Venture not the fancy

     The rash neck

Into mental errancy -

     Lethal stroke -

Damnable complacency...

     Lounge not the mind

On conceptive bed

     As an errant glutton -

Tortuously underfed...

     For the earthborn beggary

Spreads illusory find

     Rests restlessly blind...


Intone, unwisely drone

     Of Christ's immaculate

Humanity disjoined?! from

     His worshipful divinity...

Parting human from divine

     In Christ's Majesty Sublime

Rests entombed as a glaring crime...


O Supreme Humanity and

     Regal Divinity!

Immaculacy human and

     Sovereignty divine

Reign inextricably

     Unified and sublime!

Sacrificer Ultimate - God-Human

     Preeminently renowned

Wearing indivisibly, unitedly

     The God-Human Crown!!!


Committing to paper

     Consummate Humanity

Of the unsurpassable

     Crucified One - God the Son

Without falling into hands of

     The splendor of His Divinity

Outlasts as a dream undreamed...

     Not to be thought of conceit

Perilous as wild fire deceit...


Not to be thought of thought

     To touch drop of His Blood

Barring dazzling Divinity...

     Outlives as still other

Unthinkable thought -

     As touching a mortal - God's image

With a hand or a thought

     Without touching God's

Redemptive Blood...


Venture not mere words to sever

     Perfect Humanity

From ruling Divinity...

     The strayed, haunting sounds

Where "dying life"

     Or "living death" abounds...

Turning a deaf ear to

     Doctrinal, eternal rules


     Joining the rich harvest

Of hoodwinked fools...



By the hand

Of erring creatures

Engorging baits of temptation

The Author of Salvation

The Author of Creation

Yields good results

In His perfect designs

Molds the world molds...


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J,S. on November 12, 2013 at 11:55 AM said:

Superb defense of Catholic dogma skillfully & with deep concerns penned. In spite of the serious content you managed to spice up the 2nd stanza with humor & wit. This world is straying so far from God's truth & Christ's teachings that the end is coming soon! Sin, perversions & corruption spread everywhere like grubs! God have mercy on all wicked & ungrateful souls. Dr. your new poems show even more urgent call for repentance & give chills down the spine thinking of the many, many souls damned in hell! Jim & the clan

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