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Cut Off...


Each punch hits the brick wall

knocking at the iron door

brick wall and the iron door

have become your due fall

staying as clueless as a boar.


Impervious to the pity's call

closed to well-intentioned sympathy,

inebriated by internal apathy

erecting artificial defensive place

in vain, hiding self-made double-face.


Punching persistently the brick wall

knocking relentlessly at the iron door

asking myself frequently "what for?"

Hurt after hurt to awaken moral sense

fruitless for the one sunken deeply in pretense.


Surrounding self and distancing still further

as though the well-wisher is guilty of murder

by constructing a towering electrical fence

the palpably self-absorbed - in particular

stay painfully, incorrigibly as a brick dense.


No more knocking,

ending bitter shocking,

spurning crocking,

no longer bearing mocking,

scorning any form of knocking,

blocking senseless mocking!

In fruitful relation,

truth and solid trust

perennially remain

a must...

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