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With steadfast fire

To follow Thee -

Put an end to full of faults

Mangled, twisted me


Asthenic, measly

Afflicting human knee

Plead for life, cry mercy

Go down, ever so stooping be


False and new waging war

Can't fully comfort omniscient Eyes

Til all creatural found inside

By forcible touch of torch dies


Unable to look at most radiant Light

With full measure tender all-holy Might

Lift a head, expand in worth, raise a cry

Gladden all-knowing Eyes til all mortal dies


Bowing down, breathing in subministration

Keeping soil rich, supernatural fructification

For joining of truth and love cohere faster

By uniting with sole trustworthy Master


Dismally broken til sharing a Cup with Thee

Bread of Life calls forth interminable glee

Always invigorated by celestial splendor to see

Pleading for life, forever falling down on bended knee


Not meeting with evergreen triumph and rest

Til tested and found at His arm true-blue guest

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Sally on February 13, 2015 at 6:11 PM said:

Love this very powerful and touching poem filled with strong emotions. Humbly surrendering to the loving power of God is indeed the beginning of the greatest miracle. The joy lies in the struggle between the old and the new person, and the true victory is won when all what mortal dies! Dr. Kardas, it is amazing how many helpful insights you pack into each of your unique creations! We love to read and reread your works until they sink into the depths of our souls. You use beautifully God's given talents. Sending our love and best wishes to you and your sister Carolyn.

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