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Splendorous Dove


Shield the soul from the atrocious beast

Offenses that make the Only Light to leave...

Escalating wasteful, merciless unease

Fling wide the gates to this Holy Breeze!


The urgent whispers, sobering promptings

Paving the path to truth's security

Joined intimately with love's indemnity

Life-sustaining inner workings of sanctity.


Creative, inter-connected, dynamic Gifts -

The most solid body of perennial bliss

Tearing down brazen face, wicked abyss

Unsurpassed treasure never to dismiss!


Preserved, revived by the Holy Spirit of God,

Tasting constantly saving, sanctifying Grace

Satisfied fully with giving life - charity

Is the reigning destination of Crowning Life.


Firm Shield and Shelter from tyrannical iniquity

Planted, cultivated and pruned Trees of Life

Through the desired, overriding, Splendorous Dove

Yielding plenteous fruits - The Beatific Grove!


Die deadly offenses, all that is grieving the Holy Ghost!

The insides be wholly purified, of the lesson of Calvary boast

For the snug nesting, rapturous resting of the Purest Dove

In the safest Harbor of the all-healing Trinitarian Love.


In the ruins of worldly desire

Dormant sensibility

Depraved conscience

Keep in salt...

"Be salted...

With fire!"

Be salted with fire...

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Tom Beckhart on June 29, 2016 at 5:44 PM said:

Doc, you are a poet & writer who doesn't waste word or line! Truly a master at presenting a lot of helpful insights in a condensed form. Full of spiritual substance verse. Having the Holy Ghost in our souls is our life which can be lost through serious sins. Holy Spirit gives us life, sanctifies us & using the gifts of the Spirit is making one pleasing to God. And, the climactic ending & invitation of Christ to be salted with fire should be a mantra for any serious Christian. Powerful messages. Doc, each of your poems is like reading a condensed book! That's truly a gift from God!

(comment from Poem Hunter)

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