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Plaque of perverse views

As unruly cattle moos

Bull's contumacy

Harum-scarum obduracy

The heedless, aimless

Delight in gullibility, stupidity

Yielding density of heathenism

Peacockish flood-tide of sciolism

Bellowing voice of virtue

Muffled by press of hedonism

Turkey noodle

Masquerading as a god

Atheistic disease - insane

Enthroning self

Raising to a lofty position

Coinage of the brain


Draw near to origin of blame...


Crazed flaunting of filth

And fleshy grunginess

Imbibe from pigs cleanliness

From bees enterprise,

Self-sacrifice and orderliness

Preserve geological range from dirt


Violent, orderless lands

Emit noxious stench of guilt

Blossoms of liberty wilt...

Fiendish breed lulling edifying tone

Moral workout to sleep

Toxins sneaking into the embryo

Hardihood of malformed seed

Monstrous permit of dandelion

Uprooting fruitful plant life


While, Immortal Wounds bleed...


(Charade, false color

Concord with dolor...

Sporting a veil

Can't procure

A tangible bail)


Race of drooling greed,

Omnivorous deceit,

Engaged in defying

Militant, glorious task

Meshing with edacious misdeed


Tear down the mask!


Under the eyes of the Cross

Saving Gifts..

Life-giving energies

Perennially bask...

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Farr Right on May 2, 2014 at 3:03 PM said:

The world needs more poets like you. I find life changing dialogue here. More people should take to heart the messages of your poems. I've searched for some time to find quality work. Finally, something my soul rejoices over... I cannot write more often, but I pray your work will reach the ends of the earth before it is too late. God's Speed... you are my poetry super hero!

(comment from Poem Hunter)
Don @ PCAA on April 16, 2014 at 6:28 PM said:

Dear Dorothy, Spectacular descriptions of sinister society. Had a really great time reading this one, very witty & wise, and as always the grand finale outstanding! May the "Sole Solarium" continuously shine upon you and your family. Have a Happy and Blessed Easter season.

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